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Positive yet?

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Footprints5 Tue 28-May-19 10:36:18

Ooh brill thanks. Hope so. Fingers crossed this was my surge.

Good luck to you too!

mommato3 Mon 27-May-19 16:27:10

Looks near enough to me. Good luck

Jonesydocandjr Mon 27-May-19 16:21:08

Oh I'm following . This looks just like what I had on Friday and Saturday then much fainter line on Sunday. I had some cramps on my left side on Saturday so I think that's when I ovulated but I'm interested to see what the others think!

Footprints5 Mon 27-May-19 13:19:37

Is this positive yet? Not sure if the lines are strong enough. They were back to faint the following day?

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