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I’m back & need some TTC support !

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Bunny43254 Sun 26-May-19 22:48:36

Hi everyone !

This feels super strange!

I was TTC for two years before falling pregnant with my now 3 year old - I have PCOS and suspected Endometriosis so it’s been a struggle (they didn’t find this out till AFTER we had our daughter)

After a rocky couple of years battling anxiety, depression and a break up (were now back together & happier then ever) we are TTC baby number 2.

Fertility app was 7th May couldn’t have gone better. Literally going to run all the tests they did before we conceived our first child. Had swabs done on the day, booked in for a follow up on 2nd July but by then I should have had my bloods done, dye test and his sperm count (we needed Clomid but fell pregnant on our first cycle of it)

My periods are still all over the place but currently on my 6th week of Metaformin, feeling a bit down the last 2/3 days as I’m on CD 46 and really wanted AF so to have my bloods done.

However Iooking forward to seeing everyone’s journeys and making some friends smile

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