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To test or not to test! Help!

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Daydreamer71 Sun 26-May-19 20:31:33

Around 8 dpo, third cycle, AND my sister told me she was pregnant today (AND it wasn't planned!)!! She doesn't know we are trying so it's by pure fluke this happening same time us as. I am dying to test 😫 shall I just do it??

butterflykiss00 Sun 26-May-19 20:34:52

I would just do it 😉 although if it's negative just remember it's early

Daydreamer71 Sun 26-May-19 20:38:27

@butterflykiss00 I think I'm gonna have to lol! But do you think morning would be more accurate?

NLouise123 Sun 26-May-19 20:42:00

@Daydreamer71 Definitely in the morning. The hormones are strongest with the first wee.

butterflykiss00 Sun 26-May-19 22:04:39

@Daydreamer71 yea morning smile good luck and keep us posted 😉

Samind Sun 26-May-19 22:06:39

If you've got spare tests for the morning then do it!

If not, go out and buy more 😂

Good luck OP. Keeping fingers crossed for you!

Mrsmummy90 Mon 27-May-19 00:03:27

Good luck op!!

tisonlymeagain Mon 27-May-19 06:38:49

If I have spare tests I do it just to get the urge to POAS out of my system otherwise it drives me crazy. Good luck but remember don't be too disheartened as it's still early.

mrssunshinexxx Mon 27-May-19 08:28:53

Any news @Daydreamer71 x

Daydreamer71 Mon 27-May-19 11:13:35

Hey guys thanks for your messages!! So I did the test last night (zero willpower but hey ho)! And of course it was negative. Ordered some on amazon prime and they arrived this morning! I've had a couple of little white bumps/spot looking things on my nipples, as well as slightly sore nipples, and really creamy cm this morning (sorry tmi), as well as cm since ovulation which is unusual for me. Really hoping this is it 🙌🏼 if it is then mine and my sisters due dates will be a week apart haha! My poor mum!!

rainbowgirl80 Mon 27-May-19 16:01:11

That would be lovely imagine two cousins growing up together. 😊

Daydreamer71 Tue 28-May-19 20:22:27

Quick update if anyone's interested- still getting negatives but it feels like the symptoms are getting a bit stronger. Have felt twangs, pinches etc in lower ab for a couple of days, lower back ache this evening, even more creamy cm tonight, sensitive nipples, headaches on and off last couple of days, and then, there is just this feeling in me that's telling me this is it.. AF due Saturday/Sunday and I can't stop POAS so hopefully will find out soon....

Mrsmummy90 Tue 28-May-19 21:01:11

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! Xx

TildaTurnip Wed 29-May-19 18:08:09

Hope you get the answer soon!

poptypingchef Wed 29-May-19 19:47:18

Best of luck 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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