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OPK never positive but regular periods..

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Bol87 Sun 26-May-19 20:06:40

We are trying to conceive baby no.2 & finding OPK’s a bit confusing. I use the cheap ones, not clear blue.

I used to have periods with very long cycles.. anything up to 40+ days. But some months 28 days. It varies massively. But since having my first child, my periods have been regular as clockwork (on the 8th every month, so 30/31 day cycles).

The OPK’s I’m using start of with no second line at all, get darker around when I expect I would probably ovulate & then fade to nothing again. But they are never positive. Close-ish but never as dark as the test line. I test twice a day during this time frame, around 10am & 5pm.

Is that normal? If I’m having regular periods, does that mean I’m def ovulating? It took 3 months to conceive babby 1 & this is month 3 here, so I’m not particularly worried just curious & hoping my body is doing its thing!

pinkcardi Sun 26-May-19 20:10:33

I don't know if it's normal, or if you have anything to worry about, but I can tell you that I conceived DC1 on a month were according to the OPK I didn't ovulate.

I personally found tracking my temperature and CM a much more useful way of knowing what was going on. It's also much cheaper.

Good luck

mumof1hants Sun 26-May-19 20:22:02

Hey @Bol87, I've been using the cheap OPKs & never got a positive but did the last 2 months using clear blue. I wonder if the cheap ones are just not as sensitive?! Might be worth trying clear blue just for a month to see? The price is ridiculous tho! X

Lolipoplady Sun 26-May-19 23:08:41

I only ever get positives using first morning urine, if I wait till later in the day I never get a proper dark positive as my wee is just too dilute.

Charlotte9876 Mon 27-May-19 07:09:08

I have been using internet cheapie is OPK sticks and never got a positive positive. I'd start off which no second line at all, then one would appear one day but probably half as dark as the control. It'd get to 75% the next day and then nothing again.

I also took my temps which would show a rise after the 75% OPK so that's when I figured ovulation was- and this month I must've been right as I got my bfp!

Do you drink a lot of water? I do, and I know it's best to try not to but I never managed as I got too thirsty

poptypingchef Tue 28-May-19 23:00:44

I’m in the same boat - yet to get a ‘positive’ yet - lots of faint lines but nothing that is positive. I’ve tried different times with the cheapies too hmm

GrandmaSharksDentures Tue 28-May-19 23:04:12

I'm exactly the same too. So reassuring to read I'm not the only one

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