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3 days late but negative test

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johannawarlow1210 Sun 26-May-19 16:04:26

Hi there, myself and my partner have been trying for a baby using the ovulation tests, we sleep together a few times 2 weeks ago during ovulation. I am 3 days late, for the past 6 months i have my period every 22 to 23 days. It is now day 26 and the past 3 days I have had cramping, lower back pain, fullness in the lower tummy and feel generally off and a bit weird with anxiety. I took a test this morning and it is negative. Could it be wrong?

Lairydea Sun 26-May-19 16:14:13

The only way to really know is to test again in a couple of days! Lots of things can delay your cycle but hopefully you'll get the result you'd like in a couple of days.

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