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Implantation bleeding? 🤷‍♀️ bfp?

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shannonandminnie Sun 26-May-19 08:56:19

Hii 🤗
I had what I thought maybe IB on Wednesday 22, very light spotting just once. Bfn Friday, and this today? Can anyone see the line? Have I got line eyes 😩 9 DPO, AF was due Tuesday 21st. False hope? 😩😩

Mandala6 Sun 26-May-19 08:58:37

That looks negative.
It might still be too early to tell.

VenusStarr Sun 26-May-19 09:04:37

You're 9dpo today but your period is late by 4 days? It's still early to test really.

Natt36 Sun 26-May-19 09:40:47

I can see the line quite clearly (hope I'm right) maybe take a frer?? Good luck x

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