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Positive OPK but flashing smiley on CB

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AliceRR Sat 25-May-19 08:45:23

Its my second cycle TTC.

This month I’m using the Clear Blue Connect test after confusion with One Step last cycle.

I’ve been testing every morning with the CB since CD8 and have had a flashing smiley every day since CD9. I’ve also been using the OS in the evening.

I got a positive OPK on OS last night so expected to get a solid smiley on CB today but it’s still a flashing smiley.

If I ov last night after the OS then would I have missed the static smiley on CB?

Or are CB tests less sensitive?

I will keep testing to be sure but I’m a bit confused and we’ve been a lot since we I got flashing smiley on CD9 and I don’t know how long we can keep dtd every day. I know we can do every other day but seems a shame to slow down close the closer we get to ov.

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AliceRR Sat 25-May-19 08:46:48

The only thing that was different last night was that I did the OPN around 11 pm (usually do it around 6 or 7) and I’d already taken my pregnacare which had made my U bright yellow but a +ve means a surge I think?

Sorry for long post.

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AliceRR Sat 25-May-19 22:51:57

Another positive on One Step

Interested to see whether I get a static smiley on CB tomorrow. The website says if you get 9 flashing smileys you probably won’t get a positive and I’ve had 8 days of flashing smileys so far...

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Chanel05 Sat 25-May-19 23:26:10

The month I fell pregnant I caught the surge on a cheapie and my clear blue digital never went static.

AliceRR Sat 25-May-19 23:33:08

Thanks for replying @Chanel05 That’s promising

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sun 26-May-19 06:34:54

My ivf clinic won't let me use my digital when testing ahead of transfers as they said that in their experience the digital detect the LH surge later than the cheap test strips do - id go with what your OS is saying x

seastargirl Sun 26-May-19 06:39:21

On my successful cycle I was positive on one step but had already ovulated 2 weeks before according to CB, it's only because I had no temp surge that I carried on using the one steps, which I'm very glad I did!

AliceRR Sun 26-May-19 10:22:42

That’s interesting both.

I am inclined to go with the OS on this occasion as I tested again this morning and got another flashing smiley (ninth day of flashing smiley this cycle!) and a negative OS but then that tells me my surge was Fri / Sat when I got the positive One Step OPKs.

Not sure why CB didn’t pick it up. They’re expensive for tests that don’t seem to be working!

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AliceRR Sun 26-May-19 10:58:46

I feel slightly annoyed that we were dtd every day from when I got the flashing smiley but as it’s been so long we couldn’t keep that up so we’ve actually been dtd less closer to when I think I ovulated. It’s still been at least every other day.

I suppose hopefully I’ll either get pregnant this cycle or be armed with more knowledge for next time

And the nhs website says sperm can live for up to 7 days 🤷🏻‍♀️

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seastargirl Sun 26-May-19 17:39:22

I highly recommend temp tracking, it made all the difference for us!

AliceRR Sun 26-May-19 20:28:33

@Seastargirl I have tried temping and it’s a fail each time. I either forget to take my temp before I get up or I forget the temperature (not sure what happened to “memory function” on the thermometer). If I don’t get pregnant this cycle then maybe I’ll try temping again.

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trainmybrain Sun 26-May-19 20:58:18

I'd temping is an issue you could try an Ava bracelet or an ovusense. They have made a big difference to understanding my cycles. And yes I do have bothblush

mummywishes11 Thu 16-Apr-20 00:18:59

On the month I fell pregnant (which unfortunately ended in MC) I caught my quick surge on cheap OPKs but clear blue digital never gave me a solid smiley and I tested the same times as the cheap OPK's when the line was darkest. Go figure?! I also never ever had a flashing smiley just FYI - not that that matters particularly,

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