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OPKs some help

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Jonesydocandjr Thu 23-May-19 23:52:21

Ok so ttc number two. And I thought I'd give these opk thingies a go ! So for the past couple of days the line has gradually been getting darker I'm on cycle day 13 almost 14 of a 29 (ish) day cycle. Anyhoo this evening around 7 I tested and got a nice strong line ... but still not as dark as the test line ... but it gave me hope! So anyway I'm lying in bed and can't sleep ... feeling a bit bummed because DH didn't feel like dtd ( he's been feeling a bit crappy all week) but positive that this weekend I may well be ovulating and hoping to see a positive line soon! However due to feeling a bit miserable I thought I would cheer myself up by peeing on another stick in hopes of seeing that half decent line again ... but it's only half as strong as it was ☹️ now I'm twice as miserable is it just because of the time of day ( please tell me it's because of the time of day) or have I made a huge mistake and misread my earlier sticks or didn't give them enough time ....

I know I'm just overthinking because I'm a bit miserable we haven't been dtd as much this month due to illness but some hopeful words of encouragement would be appreciated!!

ELW85 Fri 24-May-19 07:22:37

Hiya - if I’m being honest, it sounds like you’ve seen your surge/peak.
It depends on the OPK you’re reading, but some of them will tell you that the line doesn’t have to be as dark as the control line.
Your luteal phase (the part of your cycle after ovulation) is 14 days on average (but can be between 12-16) and doesn’t really change, which makes me think you maybe O’d.

BUT OPKs are just one measure - are you tracking your BBT or looking for EWCM?

My advice for the future would be to get an app that analyses your OPK for you (the app I use that came with my BBT monitor does that) so it tells you what your peak is.

Don’t be disheartened though! It only takes once in your fertile week to get pregnant, and it’s all a learning curve anyway!

I hope this has been helpful smile

Jonesydocandjr Fri 24-May-19 13:58:59

Thank you so much ... I was worried this would be the case so got myself all set to give up on this month and get ready for next .... so of course I pee'd on a stick again and .... IT'S AS DARK AS THE TEST LINE!!! So hopefully I have a chance!!! So at it like rabbits this weekend is the plan!!!

Thank you so much for your help but I'm glad I didn't give up ! Of course there is no gaurantee but at least I now feel I have a bit of a chance this month!

ELW85 Fri 24-May-19 14:14:02

Ah well that’s great news!! Good luck!

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