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Anyone else experienced this, help??

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Janelb9 Thu 23-May-19 21:14:46

So last AF ended on 13th April, lasted 7 days as normal and cycle is normally around 36 days.
Basically I started spotting on 27th April which wasn’t heavy, pinky colour and lasted 4days! I thought it was an early AF but was too light and short to be it and had 0 cramps or PMS.
Fast forward 17th May, started having a very very light brown/light pink discharge when I wiped! Lasted a day or two and then gone. No cramps except a wee tinge feeling but can only feel it when I’m sat thinking about it lol!
AF was due on 13th and I had took a test on the 14th and it was a BFN!
I took a test on 22nd also and was a BFN, took the test at 5pm after holding wee for 3/4 hours!

Could I have taken the test too early? Might I be pregnant? Could what I have just experienced be implantation?

I was also sick end of last month, vomited a couple of times over 2/3 days!
Have BD every other day for the last month/two

Any help or advice would be great!

Glitterandunicorns Thu 23-May-19 21:51:04

Hi OP. If your periods are regular, I would think that the first bleed you had would be too early for implantation.

The sickness last month would be too early to be pregnancy related as any pregnancy wouldn't have implanted by then.

If your AF was due on 13th May and you tested the day after then on the 22nd, you're definitely not testing too early.

Is it possible that you just ovulated much later than usual, meaning your AF isn't due for a bit longer? Or have you been stressed at all? That can make your period later than usual.

In saying all this, although it's super rare, it is possible to get a false negative on a pregnancy test.

Hope you get answers soon!

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