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Ruthiepie Thu 23-May-19 16:02:34

Hello everyone,

Sorry for starting a new thread but I'm a completely newbie to TTC and would appreciate all your advice you can give me. I've just come off the pill 2/3 weeks ago (I'm 34 so it's gotten to the stage I think I need to start trying) and have yet to receive my period. I know there's apps and so on that you can track everything on but wondered what people thought of this?

Any advice you can give me would be great as although only just started trying, I'm already getting nervous that nothing has happened. My partner already has one child by a previous relationship so panicking there'll be something wrong with me! I think after so long off actively trying not to get pregnant, you think it's going to happen straight away...... smile

Ruthiepie Thu 23-May-19 16:06:42

Also sorry, can't seem to edit message but I came off the pill 4/5 weeks ago, not 2/3 as above!

Jasmine7823 Thu 23-May-19 16:43:04

@ruthiepie I'm in a similar situation I had my mirena coil removed 4 weeks ago had bleeding 2 weeks later for 8 days which I'm assuming was my AF but now waiting for a positive opk, but today started feeling like my AF maybe coming again. Like you worry the coil has messed things up I'm 36.

Ruthiepie Thu 23-May-19 16:52:21

@Jasmine7823 glad to hear I'm not alone! Like that, I did get bleeding about 2 weeks after I stopped taking the pill. Thought it was also my AF but wasn't anything major so don't think it was. I think it's the age thing that freaks me out the most, everyone always saying it gets harder as you get older. I haven't tried any OPK's yet - was thinking about them but not sure if it would drive me mad by not seeing what i wanted to see?

Jasmine7823 Thu 23-May-19 17:03:35

@Ruthiepie I do get disappointed every time it's a negative convinced myself there is something wrong and I'm only on the first month of trying lol think I just need to relax about it all (easier said than done though) I wouldn't worry too much about the age thing quite a few of my friends have just had healthy pregnancies and babies over the age of 35 up too the age of 41.

Skyla01 Thu 23-May-19 17:10:24

For some people the first bleed is a withdrawal bleed, not a natural period. I think you have a waiting game for just now, until your cycle restarts and you get your real period. Hopefully your cycle will settle down quickly, and then an app will be able to give you more accurate tracking.

I had 8 weeks until my first period after I stopped the pill. Was a bit worried too, it felt like a long wait! But now I'm cycling I feel better. Also worth noting that some people do conceive straight off with no period.

Ruthiepie Thu 23-May-19 17:40:07

Thanks both. I'm totally stressing myself out about it all. In my mind I know it could take time but that doesn't stop me thinking it will happen straight away. I think what's pushed me is myself and my friend had talked about this at the start of the year, I always had this timeline in my head whereas she said she'd see what happened after she had her coil out two months ago. She's fallen pregnant already and while I'm so happy for her, I'm thinking to myself what about me! 😂😂

I'm sure it'll happen for us all, just need to stress less. Might invest in some kits in the meantime to see what they say

Jasmine7823 Thu 23-May-19 19:38:32

@Ruthiepie As seen as we are both in the same it would be nice to keep in touch and keep each other sane lol

Ruthiepie Fri 24-May-19 09:32:54

@Jasmine7823 ye sit would be good to keep in touch for sanity reasons! I did a test this morning just to make sure I wasn't pregnant and I don't know why I get so disappointed when it says no cos I've literally just started trying. I am so going to start driving myself mad! Thankfully to my partner I look nice and calm, it's just in my own head I'm going mad!

Jasmine7823 Fri 24-May-19 10:02:01

@Ruthiepie lol I have the resting calm face too and then in my head I have mother nature screaming "hurry up the clock is ticking you've not got long, what if your broke, what if there is something wrong". Wow I sound mad when it's written down like that lol

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