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Is it bad to stay on the pill for more than 15 years?

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mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 20-Jul-07 13:13:08


I am thinking of coming off my pill. Mainly because since having ds (he is 2.5) I have never felt happy being back on it. I have tried another brand but still I don't like it.
I have bleeds when I am taking it and I have mood swings. I have recently had stomach cramps and went to doctors. She did a smear test and a swab just waiting on the results. I am concerned it is bad to stay on the pill for so long. I have been on it since I was 15, I am now 30.

Thing is I wouldn't know what else to use!
dh doesn't mind either way.

Any advice welcome!

mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 20-Jul-07 13:29:33


southeastastra Fri 20-Jul-07 13:32:28

i was on it for about 15 years too, feel much better without it and have the coil.

Ready Fri 20-Jul-07 13:39:20

I'm sure I read somewhere that 10 years is the maximum recommended length of time.

Tortington Fri 20-Jul-07 13:41:20

why not get tubes ties or vasectomy

mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 20-Jul-07 13:49:31

A friend of mine said 10 years should be the maximum time for it, but doctor didn't mention this. Not sure about using the coil not sure I like the idea of it!

Don't want to get my tubes tied and vascetomy is not an option at the moment as wouldn't want to say deffo to not having another baby.

Looks like it is down to the durex then which I haven't used in years. Are they any better than they used to be?!

Tortington Fri 20-Jul-07 13:51:50

implant, injection, patches.

you really nust see a doctor.

this isn;t a representative smaple obviously but i have known of 4 friends who didn't like their choice of contraception, came off it before having a nother longer erm plan in place and all became pregnant surprise surprise.

babygrand Fri 20-Jul-07 13:51:59

My doctor says it's OK to stay on it for ever!

Have been on it for about 20 years and my dh is finally having the snip next week so I can stop!

mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 20-Jul-07 13:54:08

Custardo it is not something I will be taking lightly and dh will avoid me like the plague until something is sorted. I am going to make an appt at the doctors as I am still waiting for results of smear anyway.
Dh wants me to come off it as he knows it is making me feel unhappy.

mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 20-Jul-07 13:56:00

babygrand - I have not had any problems with my pill until I had ds, then my body seemed to dislike it! I just seem to bleed inbetween taking it (when I shouldn't be).
This is why doctor did some tests.

PinkMartini Fri 20-Jul-07 13:57:25

what about persona with condoms (reduces need for using condoms all the time)?

babygrand Fri 20-Jul-07 13:57:52

I've never really liked taking it - but didn't like any of the alternatives! Am really looking forward to stopping.

mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 20-Jul-07 13:58:28

What is persona?

babygrand Fri 20-Jul-07 13:58:51

I was wondering that.

mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 20-Jul-07 13:58:54

I like the idea of stopping it, but it also terrifies me lol!

AuntJetPetunia Fri 20-Jul-07 14:07:32

I don't think there's a right or wrong answer to this question. The pill can cause some bad side effects but also can have some good side effects too, e.g. research has shown it reduces liklihood of some conditions (breast cancer is one of them IIRC). So doctors don't really like to advise one way or the other. I'd been on it for over 10 years, so asked my doctor "Do you think I should come off it?" and he was very vague and non-commital - "well have you had any problems with it? Up to you really - what do YOU think?" Very annoying! I came off it anyway, 'cause I also thought maybe I'd lose weight. Needless to say that I did NOT!

mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 20-Jul-07 14:13:34

Think you are spot on there about doctors not really advising people about the pill.

I guess it does vary from person to person. My doctor just offered a different brand of pill again.

PinkMartini Fri 20-Jul-07 15:15:55

Sorry ran off
persona is a computerised version of the rhythm method - you have the equivalent of OV sticks to check your cycle and it tells you when you are/aren't fertile (without temping).
If it won't be a complete disaster if you get pg again (think it's only 94% effective) and you don't like the idea of staying on the pill I think it's good.
Not cheap though.
If you buy from Access Diagnostics you can buy in bulk and it works out around £7-8 a month I think (plus the initial cost of the machine)
hth and good luck whatever you decide.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 20-Jul-07 15:25:23

Were you put on the pill originally to try and address painful periods?.

Bleeding between periods should be investigated to ascertain the cause. Its often not serious but it ought to be checked out properly.

If the swab comes back clear I would ask for a referral to a gynaecologist. Infact I would ask for a referral to a gynae anyway; such problems are often outside a GPs remit.

mumfor1standfinaltime Thu 26-Jul-07 13:41:25

My swab came back and I was given a prescription for thrush - I had no smyptoms for this that I could see!

I am still waiting for results for my smear. My doctor has referred me to hospital for more tests, but I am terrified to go (haven't had an appt yet) as I have a fear of the hospital from when ds was born, had traumatic birth ending in c section.

I originally went on pill for heavy and painful periods yes. Was suprised when I came off the pill ttc that my periods seemed fine!

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