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TTC - vitamins

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TinkerPooks Wed 22-May-19 20:11:59

Hi ladies

I'm currently taking folic acid with vitamin d, evening primrose and seven seas perfect woman.

Someone recommended taking the seven seas trying to conceive vitamins.

I assume that I would need to stop taking all my other vitamins if I started these.

Can anyone help guide me?

Thanks in advance


AliceRR Wed 22-May-19 21:33:01

I am assuming Perfect Woman is a multivitamin. If so, you would take the SS Conception instead of that and this will have FA in it and some vitamin D (I expect) but you’d have to check how much vitamin D it contains and how much you need. Not sure what the role is on taking EPO when TTC but again you’d have to see what’s in the SS Conception. You should be able to find out the ingredients online.

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