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Anyone waiting to TTC in 2020?

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Bollockwort Wed 22-May-19 18:10:26

Anyone delaying their conception journey until the New Year?

I've been ridiculously broody for a year now, but I know 2020/2021 will be a better time to have a baby due to my current employment (angling for a promotion and full mat leave).

If there's anyone else counting down the clock, what are you doing to stay sane?

I've started taking vitamins (including Folic Acid, Vit D and Iodine) and trying to get a healthier diet so that I'll be in a good place once the time is right. Also, am thinking of trying to get the Chickenpox and MMR vaccines done sometime in the next few months (never had chickenpox as a child).

Am well aware I sound crazy! What are your checklists like? Any advice? Anyone else twiddling their thumbs?

Mistiquee Wed 22-May-19 20:08:11

Hi sorry didn't want to read and run. Not waiting till 2020 but waiting until October and have been waiting a while although must admit I've not done to prepare other than start a healthy diet but not started on any vitamins yet so I suppose I best get started on those! I've been struggling to keep myself distracted from it but I do feel like the months are finally starting to pass a bit quicker and me and DH are doing things like trips away etc to try and have other things to look forward to and just enjoying each others company for now until the time has passed.

Bollockwort Wed 22-May-19 20:53:24

Mistiquee trips away sound like an excellent plan. DH and I have almost used up our entire annual leave for this year (with exception of Christmas) but perhaps we can plan some more things for our weekends.

I've been doing a part-time Masters and now that it's summer holidays I suddenly have so much free time that I don't know what to do with, so it's hard not to think about how a baby would fill up that time. I know I really ought to treasure the free time while I have it though - definitely enjoying my weekend lie-ins!

CharminglyGawky Wed 22-May-19 21:14:44

Ooh me! Well we are waiting til December to try for number 2 so practically 2020!

Took us over a year to conceive DS though so have mixed feelings about waiting. The reasons to wait make sense, I was hideously sick with DS and not sure I could deal with that and a 2 year old that just won't listen to a damn thing and is about as predictable as a herd of cats. Plus selfishly I have a 'big' birthday in December and we are going away for it so I'd rather not be on my knees with morning sickness, being able to have a few drinks would be good too!

Trying to lose weight and get healthy at the moment in preparation, not started any vitamins yet although have thought about it.

Not hugely broody this time, was insane with broodiness last time so I feel for you, it is hard to wait and when you are waiting there are babies everywhere! I don't think there is much you can do to help with that though, I planned excessively and I mean researching the best muslins to buy before we were even trying level of excessive planning. Not sure I'd recommend that! I do still coo over little babies and I loved having a tiny baby and would love to do that again but am finding the toddler years harder!

Bollockwort Thu 23-May-19 13:20:15

Ah I'd love to have babies to coo over in the meantime. Sadly I moved abroad a few years ago so missed the best baby years with my niece and nephew, and none of my friends here have had babies yet.

Currently trying to compensate through overloving the cats!

lorribell Thu 23-May-19 13:25:01

Yes we won't be trying till probably August 2020 which seems so far away confused. It would be our 2nd child though as we already have 1 dc

MrsAJG Thu 23-May-19 14:03:24

We're not quite waiting till 2020 but will probably be late November/ December for us, so close enough. I turn 30 in November and we have a trip away planned which I wanted to be able to enjoy without the possibility of morning sickness, I also wanted to be able to have a few drinks to celebrate. wine

I'm not really doing much to make the time pass at the moment, just trying to focus on the fact summer is almost here and making the most of the nice weather and being outside. We have a holiday planned for July which is my main countdown at the moment so by the time we get home that will be another 2 months gone, then by August I will probably think about starting to take vitamins.
A close friend of mine is currently pregnant and due in September so hoping I can get my pregnancy/baby fix through her for the time being grin . I thinking breaking it down into small steps probably helps pass the time more quickly.

I'm not sure about everyone else's situation but I have been on the pill for 12 years, so a little anxious to see how quickly my body finds its natural rhythm again after so long. Hoping my periods will return to normal straight away but will have to wait and see I guess, trying not to worry about it too much at the moment smile .

StellaDelMare Wed 01-Jan-20 20:19:55

We are also going to be TTC later on in 2020! Planning on coming off the pill late July/August. It will be our first baby!

I have a list of things I want to do/sort out before I come off the pill. Anyone else have one?

There are a few health related things I want to change this year. I want to cut down on coffee, start taking vitamins and get genetic testing (my cousin has a very rare genetic disability and I just want to put my mind at rest about it).
I also want to get some things in our house done, biggest being a new driveway.
In terms of baby, we are trying to get a bit of money put aside so when the time comes we have a bit of a head start to help us buy some baby things.

Maybe its because its our first time I'm thinking it through too much haha!

Lilgem95 Tue 14-Jan-20 05:57:01

Hey, hope i could join, im currently on 5th month ttc for my 1st, its an emotional rollercoaster haha, trying not to be stressed but im extremly obsessed, got baby brain haha, waiting for o this month, who would thought when you are actually trying it takes so long, yet people have happy accidents all the time!

Lee637 Fri 21-Feb-20 10:37:58

Hi we have bee try for some time now, took clomid for 2 cycles then skipped my last cycle - now I have had an incredibly odd last few weeks
slept together day before and 2 days before ovulation, had more painful breasts than usual for longer than a week - I am normally not that sore and normally only for a few days . I monitor CM so noticed brown show for 3 days , then got my light dark brown “period” which only lasted 24 hours - and now back to show. Boobs stopped being sore after I started bleeding. Had a migraine day before my 1 day “flow”

this is all very odd and abnormal. Did a test on the day before “flow - BFN.
I don’t know what to make of this - I had no symptoms at all with my son until 7 weeks but had a BFP at 4.5

anyone have anything similar?

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