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Fertility tests- Please help!!

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Ajhu12 Tue 21-May-19 11:55:52

Hi everyone!
So we have been off contraception since December 2017 and actively trying for just over a year now with no luck! Recently went to my GP who sent me for full blood test and female hormones etc on day 21 of my cycle.. Has anyone been through similar and have any idea of how long it will be until I get some results? My partner also has to do a test of his ‘stuff’ (not done this yet) but again does anyone have any idea on timescale? Desperate to find out!

Any information would be grateful or if anyone is going through similar or have any more advice? Pleeeease help!

VenusStarr Tue 21-May-19 13:58:17

I got my blood results within a week of the test. Dh went privately for the sperm analysis and got that on the same day.

When did you have the blood tests? I just called the surgery for the results.

Ajhu12 Tue 21-May-19 15:49:46

I only had my bloods done on Saturday so I’m guessing I’ll have a little while longer to wait! That’s a quick turn around for your husbands results!

Hope everything is ok!

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