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35 and over TTC

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Natt36 Mon 20-May-19 12:44:50

Anyone in the same boat? I already have 2 beautiful children who are 10 and 7 and me and oh have decided to go for number 3 (maybe I'm crazy, haha) but I feel so ready for this. I'm so so excited and can't wait to be a poas addict again 😂

tisonlymeagain Mon 20-May-19 12:49:05

Yes, I am 39 TTC no 3, but first with my DP. Currently on cycle 2.

kell2126 Mon 20-May-19 12:51:48

Hi @Natt36 and @tisonlymeagain, I'm 38 TTC #1. Currently on 10DPO of cycle #7. FX for all of us!

Natt36 Mon 20-May-19 12:52:35

Nice to know I'm not alone, this will be cycle 1 for us, hoping it doesn't take too long. I'm petrified my body is too old now! First pregnancy I got pregnant first time, second was 7 months xx

tisonlymeagain Mon 20-May-19 12:55:11

Yes, I've been afraid of my body being too old. I've had three pregnancies and each one it's happened instantly so I was a bit disappointed last month! I've been doing OPKs and temping so I know that I am ovulating and when to expect it so hoping that gives me a better chance!

I did hang around on the other 35+ thread for a while but it was a lot of people having fertility help etc and I didn't feel like I fit in as we won't be going down that road at all. We're giving it until Xmas naturally and then accepting it is what it is after that!

AliceRR Mon 20-May-19 14:13:23

I’m 35 and TTC my second child. My first baby was stillborn at full term earlier this year. This is my second cycle of trying since then and I’m in my “high chance of getting pregnant stage” according to CB.

tisonlymeagain Mon 20-May-19 14:24:09

Good luck @AliceRR, sorry to hear about your loss.

AliceRR Mon 20-May-19 14:34:41

@tisonlymeagain Thanks. You too

I know what you mean about not fitting in on some other threads.

I was thinking maybe I need to start a TTC rainbow baby with no living DC and no known fertility problems thread 😬

I’m CD11 and trying to dtd as much as possible for the next few days at least (but then have read some say no more than every other day) - how is everyone else doing?

tisonlymeagain Mon 20-May-19 14:38:32

I think if there no known issues with sperm count etc there's nothing wrong with doing it every day @AliceRR I'm going with that method for now! If nothing happens in a month or two might have to adjust.

I really want something to happen as my 40th is coming up soon and I've been unable to plan anything so far as I don't want to book a boozy weekend away or a spa trip etc if I can't get involved.

AliceRR Mon 20-May-19 14:41:59

@tisonlymeagain I read that too but am just assuming there is no issue with DH sperm count. Tbf we have dtd every day since Friday. And had a flashing smiley since Saturday. Might want til Wednesday to dtd again unless I get a positive OPK

Would you drink if you are not in 2WW? I would have a drink if I had had af but not ov yet if that makes sense. But then I suppose you don’t want to book it in case you’re pregnant by that time?

tisonlymeagain Mon 20-May-19 14:46:14

Yeah, if pre OV I would drink, that's what I am doing currently, and then not drinking in 2WW just in case (although I did this weekend as it was date night!) but it's more if I am pregnant by then and might not actually be able to tell anyone? At least if I get pregnant soon I could just arrange something more low-key like an afternoon tea or something where I wouldn't necessarily be expected to drink. I like a good wine or two so my friends would notice instantly!

Natt36 Mon 20-May-19 15:54:27

Sorry to hear about your loss. Wishing you lots of luck! Af is due a week today but going to try and hold on for testing until then. We will see how long that lasts! I usually try every other night during ovulation but it can be quite difficult as hubby works away though the week [sigh]

AliceRR Mon 20-May-19 16:17:33

@tisonlymeagain Depending on how soon your birthday is maybe organise an afternoon tea but then make it a sparkling one if you know you’re not pregnant at the time? It’s a difficult one. You could always book something and then be on antibiotics with an ear infection if it transpires you are pg and can’t drink!

@Natt35 Thank you. Try to keep busy ‘til you can text. The 2ww can be a long 2 weeks! Fingers crossed for you 🤞

teachermam Mon 20-May-19 20:14:29

I'm 39 and TTC number 3
Have 8 and 5 year old
Got pregnant on 6th cycle but lost at 5 weeks

Waiting now on tww if 7th cycle

Natt36 Mon 20-May-19 22:10:04

Good luck for this cycle! Sorry about your loss 😔 xx

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