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TTC - any advice?

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mrsho Sun 19-May-19 20:53:38

My husband and I have decided it's time to start trying for a baby going forward from my next cycle. Are there any vitamins or supplements I should start taking? I miscarried our first pregnancy 3 years ago and I'm desperate to avoid that happening again. Any tips would be well received x

squirrelnutkins1 Sun 19-May-19 22:18:35

Sorry to hear about your mc sad I had one in April 💔 under fertility clinic and they advise folic acid and vitamin d. I got the combination one from Boots. All the best! X

physicskate Sun 19-May-19 22:20:30

Folic acid and vitamin d - start them now.

Good luck. Low expectations. It could happen this cycle or in a year - who knows?! Be kind to yourself through the process.

Unfortunately, miscarriage is very common, but still absolutely heartbreaking and there's nothing you can do to prevent it. Mostly, they're caused by genetic abnormality with the embryo... but I'm very sorry you went through that.

Tryingforbaby1 Sun 19-May-19 23:32:24

My partner & I have decided today we will start trying & I'm only 3 days away from my predicted ovulation day. So sorry to hear about your miscarriage sending you positive vibes 😘 Keep us posted! X

mrsho Mon 20-May-19 14:45:23

Thank you!

I have been taking folic acid for 6 months now due to a deficiency so hopefully it's a good thing that I've been on it so long. Will absolutely get on the Vitamin D as well! xx

Pocahontas11 Mon 20-May-19 17:07:40

Omg definitely. I'm only just starting to take folic acid tablets now I'm worried I haven't been taking them long enough! Good luck :D

purplefig Mon 20-May-19 17:28:34

I like the pregnacare conception ones (they do ones for men too - though they call them Wellman to manage male egos grin ) as they have extra bits in like zinc.

I don't know what your expectations are, but when I started trying I genuinely assumed I'd be pregnant with a few months. I'm now on cycle 9! So I'd say expect that it might take longer than you think.

I also wish I'd read 'Taking charge of your fertility' sooner and I also wish I'd started temp charting, but the latter depends on how hands on you want to be. All the best!

Pocahontas11 Mon 20-May-19 18:03:27

It does make me nervous to wait for so long for something I've wanted for years D: I'm so impatient I need to learn to be as it will be so worth the wait & something this special can't be rushed. Purplefig how are you feeling about your experience so far?

mrsho Thu 23-May-19 07:37:33

Update- my period was due two days ago and there is literally not one sign of it just yet. I don’t want to do a test yet but also I really do want to!!!

squirrelnutkins1 Thu 23-May-19 13:10:00

Oh wow. Hope you get lucky your first month!! (We've been trying nearly two years 🙈🙈🙈)

mrsho Thu 23-May-19 13:24:02

There has been no actual effort in trying at all - I'm going to wait a few more days before I do a test and get my hopes up! x

mrsho Fri 24-May-19 07:18:11

Is it too soon to take a test? I’m not sure whether my period might be coming or if I’m cramping for another reason...

physicskate Fri 24-May-19 14:14:16

If your period is overdue, you can take a test any time.

Did you recently come off hormonal birth control? That can cause all sorts of havoc with symptoms/cycles too.

mrsho Fri 24-May-19 14:30:05

I am going to do one first thing in the morning. I've also had quite bad heartburn/reflux for a few days too.

I have been off of hormonal birth control for about 8 months now and my cycle has been 25-28 days and nothing longer x

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