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MollyP19 Sun 19-May-19 19:12:13

Hi guys, just wanted opinions.. last month I only had spotting thought it was going to lead to a period but only a tiny amount nothing compared to my normal. Done 2 tests a few days later but it was negative! Im due but still nothing this month. My partners told me not to get another test as he thinks I'm 100% not pregnant so it's a waste but I'm not convinced he's right. I've had headaches, felt sick, my back pain is extremely bad it's like when I was last pregnant and I had spd it's awful. I don't know what to do. Shall I just wait?

tisonlymeagain Sun 19-May-19 20:07:11

Perhaps go to the drs and ask for a blood test? That would be conclusive.

Tink2007 Sun 19-May-19 20:37:48

Are you late for this period?

MollyP19 Sun 19-May-19 20:44:06

Only a day at the moment x

CZFR Sun 19-May-19 20:55:07

There is only one way to know for definitive and it is to test! If you are having all those symptoms it should definitely show on a pregnancy test now.
Sometimes I feel like it is easy for men to say just don't test but they don't realise how it feels for us... if you think you should I say do it but if it comes back negative don't go crazy and test 10times.
🤞🤞 for you and good luck! Xx

MollyP19 Sun 19-May-19 21:04:18

I agree with you! I’m not going to do one but I’m going to go down the doctors instead atleast il know for sure then won’t I x

CZFR Sun 19-May-19 21:22:10

Wishing you loads of luck and let us know how it goes xx

Squiff70 Sun 19-May-19 21:27:46

The doctor will wonder why you haven't done a more recent test. If your period is late then don't waste the doctor's time by not doing another one first - it doesn't have to be an expensive test - you can get packs of 2 in cheap shops for under £3.

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