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May bus cont....

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Paddypaws91 Sun 19-May-19 10:33:34

Hi everyone

The 'May bus' thread is overflowing, here's a fresh new thread πŸ‘

Keep the BFPs coming 😍

mumofbun Fri 31-May-19 18:37:18

I’m off to the June bus too! AF came yesterday - month two of trialling a mooncup though so at least that’s going well! Going to order opks for the next month just to make sure everything is how I think it is...sorry to see so many of us heading to the June bus but hopefully it’s as friendly a thread as this one!!

Tamalama Fri 31-May-19 13:12:03

@Paddypaws91 @mrssunshinexxx

I've now hopped on to the June bus thread too 😊

Paddypaws91 Fri 31-May-19 13:05:03

@mrssunshinexxx no, I'm only 6dpo. I made a decision a few months ago to only test if AF is late. AF due on 9th June.

I've just joined the June bus ☺️

mrssunshinexxx Fri 31-May-19 12:39:21

@Tamalama come with me x

@Paddypaws91 have you tested x

Paddypaws91 Fri 31-May-19 12:32:40

@Tamalama @mrssunshinexxx

Oh ladies, I'm sorry 😞 I may join you over there, don't want to be the only one left on the board x

Tamalama Fri 31-May-19 11:18:16

Definitely no point in testing now, I've just been to the loo and af has started πŸ˜• I'll definitely be on the June bus now.

Tamalama Fri 31-May-19 11:09:10

@mrssunshinexxx I'll try my best! 😊 I just feel it will be a wasted test and I've wasted enough money on a lot of them this month already πŸ˜•β˜ΉοΈ x

mrssunshinexxx Fri 31-May-19 11:06:52

@Tamalama yes hold out for a couple of days if you can x

Tamalama Fri 31-May-19 11:04:09

So af is due today. Have some symptoms but I'm not feeling too bad at the moment. Decided not to test today though as I feel it will be a wasted one. I think I'll test on Sunday if I don't come on by then. Good luck to everyone testing this weekend!

mrssunshinexxx Thu 30-May-19 20:22:27

@Tamalama thank you well I hope you are wrong but if you are not I'll see you in the June bus.

Tamalama Thu 30-May-19 18:03:09

@mrssunshinexxx Sorry to hear that but I'm glad you're ok. Af is due tomorrow and I'm pretty sure that I'll be hopping on the June bus too. My gut feeling for this month isn't very hopeful as I have a lot of af symptoms πŸ˜•

mrssunshinexxx Thu 30-May-19 17:35:03

Hey ladies

Af has literally just started so that's me on the June bus fee ok about it actually. Hope you all get your bfp v soon x

flossy12 Thu 30-May-19 09:41:17

@mrssunshinexxx yeah I know, feel like if I test I'll jinx it

mumofbun Thu 30-May-19 09:40:52

@flossy12 @mrssunshinexxx according to flo I was due yesterday too and I was in a foul mood all day! But by my reckoning I’m actually due tomorrow so the same as you @Tamalama

All signs pointing towards af arriving so I’ve not got much hope!

mrssunshinexxx Thu 30-May-19 09:31:31

@flossy12 I think we have the same dates I was due yesterday too it's so nerve racking

mrssunshinexxx Thu 30-May-19 09:30:54

@Tamalama I was due yesterday and nothing so far and no signs other than I weighed myself this morning and I'm heavier which always happens at the time of the month haven't tested since Tuesday morning when I was 12 dpo

flossy12 Thu 30-May-19 09:11:39

@Tamalama due AF yesterday but no sign so far, not sure my cycles are what flor predicted though, did a test on Tuesday but BFN too

Tamalama Thu 30-May-19 09:03:33

13dpo and another bfn πŸ˜• I've got a headache today which I usually get before af. Due on tomorrow ☹️

How's everyone else getting on?

mumofbun Wed 29-May-19 18:43:14


My mum was 38 when she had my sister and wasn’t ever called geriatric as far as I know πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Feeling horrible today - bloated, fat and irritable. Just had a fight with dh. Af must be on her way!

Tamalama Wed 29-May-19 18:40:34

@tisonlymeagain lol, I know! I was so offended!!

tisonlymeagain Wed 29-May-19 18:17:54

@Tamalama I am 39, if anyone calls me geriatric I'm going to slap them. You'd think they could use a better term. Maybe just older mother??! It's not difficult!

Tamalama Wed 29-May-19 18:12:04

@mumofbun yes that's true! 😊

I had my dd a month before I turned 36 and I was classed as geriatric! How rude! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

mumofbun Wed 29-May-19 10:04:15


Yeah I’m the same just having to tell myself not everything can be planned!!

flossy12 Wed 29-May-19 09:19:19

@mumofbun yeah I'm not stressing for the first few months, it took my friend 6 months to conceive after the pill! I'm just one of those I like to know the plan πŸ˜‚

mumofbun Wed 29-May-19 09:15:25


i know that AF on the pill is not really the same as it's just a withdrawal bleed - my symptoms were completely different on the pill to how they are now! Much more intense since i came off them.

I think probably your hormones are a bit all over the place due to your circumstances - just give it time and try not to stress, 39 isn't that old in terms of having children these days. It might make things a little harder but plenty of people go on to have children right up to their early 40s!


Same to you about giving it time if you're just off the pill - i don't think i got back to normal regarding cycle for at least 6 months! Then all the glorious cramping returned!!

My sister also managed to really upset me one time - she'd had a few and prodded me in the stomach and said "i hope there's a baby in there" and i knew for a fact there wasn't/felt particularly fat at that point in time!

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