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May bus cont....

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Paddypaws91 Sun 19-May-19 10:33:34

Hi everyone

The 'May bus' thread is overflowing, here's a fresh new thread 👍

Keep the BFPs coming 😍

Squiff70 Sun 19-May-19 10:43:08

Congratualtions on your BFP @Lauraloop1516!

BFN for me this morning using an internet cheapie at 12 DPO. I thought I saw a very very pale grey second line after three minutes but it vanished. I guess it was just wishful thinking. I'll try a FRER tomorrow with FMU but feel I'll be wasting one. I could cry!

flossy12 Sun 19-May-19 10:46:14

5DPO according to Flo 🙌🏻

Good luck to everyone 💕

Lauraloop1516 Sun 19-May-19 10:59:06

Sorry to hear about your bfn @squiff70. I used a frer - I felt like it was a moment of madness! I hadn't planned to test until next week, but now I'm glad I did. Fingers crossed you get your bfp soon! Xx

Paddypaws91 Sun 19-May-19 11:42:28

Congratulations @Lauraloop1516 💕🎉

MeganMama28 Sun 19-May-19 12:11:35

Ah amazing congratulations on your BFP @Lauraloop1516! 💞

@Squiff70 sounds like a plan to try with a FRER tomorrow. My sister didn't even get a faint line until 15dpo so remember you're not out unless AF comes x

Tamalama Sun 19-May-19 12:45:17

Congratulations to everyone who has their bfp this month! I'm now 1dpo (I think), so the waiting game begins...

mrssunshinexxx Sun 19-May-19 12:53:36

@Tamalama I'm also day 1 tww goddddd it would be simply amazing to see those words x

Squiff70 Sun 19-May-19 13:21:26

@MeganMama28 thanks, that's really good to know! I won't give up yet then...

Tamalama Sun 19-May-19 13:48:13

@mrssunshinexxx Fingers crossed this is our month!!! What day is your af due? Mine is 1st June. X

mrssunshinexxx Sun 19-May-19 13:54:02

@Tamalama 30th eeeek x

Tamalama Sun 19-May-19 14:10:30

The tww just feel like it goes on forever and this will only be my second cycle! I had a mc in January at 5/6 weeks so I'm hoping to fall pregnant again pretty soon.

Savvysaz Sun 19-May-19 14:32:29

Trying so hard to stay positive and be patient. I’m finding that hard 😂 Think I’ll maybe test again Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ve ordered two more FRERs.

Tamalama Sun 19-May-19 15:46:14

I think I actually mistimed my ov date. My app said this Saturday but on late Friday evening I had awful ovulation, pelvic and back pain on the left side. It was only for a couple of hours and I didn't have any symptoms at all on Saturday, so I think I ovulated Friday evening. We dtd on Monday, Wednesday and yesterday afternoon so I'm hoping it's enough. As I think I ovulated late Friday evening I'm hoping that dtd on Saturday could still have been successful? What do you ladies think?

I've had some cm all week, quite a bit Tuesday-Friday. I had hardly any yesterday and nothing today. I did an opk test today and of course it's negative! I should really have taken one on Friday, doh! 🤦‍♀️

I'm on holiday at the moment and don't fly back until Thursday night, so that's a good distraction but still doesn't stop me googling stuff and counting down the days until I can take a test 😂

mrssunshinexxx Sun 19-May-19 16:04:25

@Tamalama it's so hard to say isn't it my 2 different apps one say ovulation was thurs and one said yesterday we dtd thurs night and fri lunch I have been away since then.
I had bad pains on Thursday so I think I ovulated then so fingers crossed I've done enough

Tamalama Sun 19-May-19 16:09:06

@mrssunshinexxx Yep, my Fitbit app said Friday and my period tracker, which is usually spot on with af, give or take a day, said Saturday. I'm more inclined to go with my Fitbit app on this occasion though.. fingers crossed for us both! I hope we've both done enough too 😊 x

Beck2277 Sun 19-May-19 16:46:40

Took a cheap test this morning and saw a faint squinter of a line so redid did it with a first response and cant quite believe it! First month so totally knocked for six! Hopefully it lasts confused feeling queasy already which isnt fun!

Tamalama Sun 19-May-19 16:49:12

@Beck2277 Wow, that's a strong positive! How many dpo are you?

Beck2277 Sun 19-May-19 16:53:42

Yeah my partner struggled to see anything on the first test but couldn't dispute that one! Cant believe it, totally in shock! We never tracked ovulation but I did have egcm on the 7th and we dtd a few times that week (holiday!) so thinking between the 5th-7th may?!

Savvysaz Sun 19-May-19 17:21:03

@Beck2277 that’s amazing! Congratulations! The May bus is doing well! You’re so lucky. You’re probably 12-14 dpo so there’s still hope for me to get my bfp this month

GreatestShowUnicorn Sun 19-May-19 20:55:30

Just place marking I'm hanging on to test again tomorrow tested yesterday and got bfn but was only 10dpo think I'm 12dpo tomorrow so maybe I'll get something I've had terrible nausea from 12pm the last few days exactly as I did with my dd and tired OMG so tired.

MaryH90 Mon 20-May-19 05:43:00

I tested yesterday at 10dpo with a bfn 🙁. I’m sad but also annoyed that it looks like I’ll be spending a week every cycle having pms which turns me into a raging emotional monster with sore boobs and cramps! 🤞 Will be jumping onto the June bus as soon as AF has arrived

Tamalama Mon 20-May-19 07:42:01

@MaryH90 A lot of people have a bfn at 10dpo but go on to have a positive test a few days later, so don't give up hope. I didn't get a bfp with my daughter until 14dpo 😊

mrssunshinexxx Mon 20-May-19 08:19:16

I realise it's impossible so soon but hard not to question what every little twinge means time needs to move fast !

Savvysaz Mon 20-May-19 09:49:16

I’m feeling so defeated today. Think I’ll be hopping on the June bus. I feel like utter crap and want to just give up but I’ll never end up having any children if I do that. Think AF on her way. Sore left hand side, feeling bloated and crampy, pink CM. AF due anytime between today and Friday at the latest. I’m 11dpo now. I just don’t understand why it’s not working, I’m timing intercourse every 2 days throughout cycle, more in fertile week and I’m using cb digital OPKs.

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