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Egg freezing, PGD & IVF in the UK

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luna11111 Sun 19-May-19 01:33:32

Hi there, I hope that this finds everyone well. Thank you in advance for any help.

I'm looking to freeze my eggs as soon as possible & I'm just wondering what the best clinic would be. Due to my history of recurrent miscarriage, Drs have said I'd need IVF with PGD to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Due to this I'd like to freeze my eggs at a clinic where I could receive IVF with PGD in the future. Help is not available on the NHS for me so it would have to be private. I live in Hertfordshire so local would be good although I'm willing to travel to the best clinic.

Thank you for any recommendations of clinics.

nespressowoo Sun 19-May-19 04:07:40

Hi OP. You may be better off asking in the infertility section - best of luck thanks

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sun 19-May-19 06:41:08

Hi OP I'm concerned that you've said that the doctors have said you need ivf with PGD to ENSURE a healthy pregnancy? unfortunately PGD can't guarantee you a successful pregnancy. I talked to my specialist about it on Wednesday and he said that it's actually around only 60% successful in identifying a chromosome issue within an embryo? And actually for older women there has been an amazing study in America that found women who had their PGD discarded embryos transferred as a last resort actually had a healthy pregnancy when their PGD perfect ones failed?
Also I think PGD can only be done on blastocysts and not your unfertilised egg so you'd need a partner/sperm donor? HFEAA says it has shown some benefit on a 5 day old blastocyst but basically not to bother 3 days old or less? I'm struggling to see why spend all that money when you don't even know if any will make it to blastocyst stage and could show signs of abnormality once it has been fertilised??

Teddybear45 Sun 19-May-19 06:44:05

If you need PGD it is probably better to freeze useable embryos rather than eggs.

Lauren83 Sun 19-May-19 06:49:21

Just to check do you mean PGS or PGD? PGS is a general screen for common genetic disorders to highlight embryos with aneuploidy, can be useful for older women who have a higher rate of aneuploidy (usually at 36 you may see a 50% split and it increases by age) PGD is to screen for a specific family gene disorder that you are at risk of passing on, you would be looking at a price difference or around 2.5k Vs 10k+ that's without the egg freezing, fertilising and cost of ICSI and meds etc. Like PP said it's common to only screen blasts so with an egg freeze cycle there's no guarantee should you thaw, feet with partner or donor sperm, culture to blast that you would have any left to then biopsy and refreeze

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