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Can anyone help?

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Esmerelda123 Sat 18-May-19 18:14:02

Hey guys!

My period is due Monday and I think I’m about 13DPO. Feels like AF coming but couldn’t cope with the thoughts of maybe. So I got the clear blue rapid detection test today along with some alcohol to wash down the BFN results. But then I got this faint line straight away, what do you think?

I’m so convinced AF was coming that I’m seriously in doubt!


kell2126 Sat 18-May-19 18:24:16

Looks positive to me – congrats!! Have you had any symptoms?

LauraPalmersBodybag Sat 18-May-19 18:25:46

Looks positive to me - I got a similar result 13 dpo and am now 17 weeks. Best of luck.

Esmerelda123 Sat 18-May-19 18:27:10

Period symptoms! Just like tender boobs but not awful just like PMS and slight PMS style cramps which is why I’m so in doubt. I’ve never been pregnant before but I always imagined ‘you’d know’?

I have another one and I know I should wait til tomorrow but it’s killing me xx

mumof1hants Sat 18-May-19 19:33:48

You are definitely pregnant! Congratulations!! X

Esmerelda123 Sat 18-May-19 20:14:04

I’m just so doubtful because every month I’ve had all these symptoms and nothing, then this month just feels like regular PMS! I took the other one and exactly the same. Do you recommend any to get tomorrow? Xx

kell2126 Sat 18-May-19 20:25:17

Congrats again – get a FRER tomorrow and hopefully you'll have an even clearer line xx

Namastbae Sat 18-May-19 20:27:44

You're pregnant - congratulations!
My first pregnancy I had proper period symptoms including period pain for the first couple of weeks and I couldn't believe the positive result either.
Looks like that booze will have to go on hold for 9 months 😊

Esmerelda123 Sat 18-May-19 23:27:36

Thank you all! I will grab a wide range of ones tomorrow to be sure 🙈 xx

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