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wannabebump Sat 18-May-19 11:09:54

Today is CD28... I've kept myself busy in the tww wait.... until yesterday!

Desperate to POAS at 5.30pm, I ripped open an OPK before realising it was the wrong IC stick. Dipped it anyway and blazing positive! Tried IC HPT and a tiny smudge but nothing worth getting my hopes up.

Tried OPK & HPT this morning with FMU, positive OPK & white as white HPT.

Apparently last month I didn't ovulate at all (blood test) and GP has done referral. I haven't used opks this month as I was driving myself crazy. Past 5 months, AF has been between 28-32 days.

Had so much CM the past few days and not got sore boobs at all.

No real purpose this post sorry! Just having to get it out! Xx

Michellebops Sun 19-May-19 17:31:52

It's possible you're just about to ovulate late.

I thought I ovulated last month on cd 12 following a positive opk and some cm. only to have all the ovulation symptoms again on cd22. Period arrived 2 days late on cd30. Was the weirdest period I've ever had as only a very light bleed for less than 24 hours with spotting for 3 days.

All tests were negative.

I've actually stopped testing opks this month and just "enjoying" being spontaneous as I feel I was becoming obsessed and overwhelmed

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