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TTC - dairy bad or good?

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Tryin4no2 Fri 17-May-19 12:23:08

Hi all, we are struggling to conceive our 2nd (not a big surprise as it took 3 years to conceive our first) and trying everything over next 5 or so months before we try IVF. I have cut out sugar, caffeine, reduced bad carbs, cut back on alcohol (prob not as much as I should), lots of supplements, extra plant based protein, Apple cider vinegar and cut back a lot on meat and now cutting dairy back. I have read some conflicting things about the impact of dairy when TTC - fairly consistent view is that low at dairy harms prospects of conceiving but some reports suggest cutting dairy out and others suggest increasing full fat... i’d be grateful for anyone’s thoughts on that - and anyone hat had success by either cutting out or increasing! And any other tips that seemed to work. Thanks v much! Xx

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