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Line eyes? Delusional? Please say you can see it too?

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mrnmcknn Thu 16-May-19 23:02:51

I swear I can see a vvvvvfaint line. I took these pictures between 3-5 minutes after testing, but the lighting in my bathroom is so yellow I couldn't get a very good picture. I see it at certain angles, but I think maybe it is just because I want to see it so bad.
My husband (34) and I (34)have been ttc for 2 years. I miscarried our first in December and we have been trying every cycle since. I have a pretty regular 28/29 day cycle and usually ovulate on cd16. I am 11dpo today and AF is due tomorrow or the next day. If we aren't successful this cycle we will have to wait until Sept to try again because we will be travelling for work and separated.

Can anyone see anything? I don't know how to edit the picture so it is clearer and the only apps I see people talking about are for iphone and I have an android. Can someone help me with that?

picture 1
picture 2
picture 3

I know the real answer is to wait and test again and hpe AF doesn't show...but I swear I see something hmm confused

TokyoSushi Thu 16-May-19 23:05:56

There might be a tiny whisper of something there, good luck!

tastylancs Thu 16-May-19 23:12:50

I'm really sorry but I don't see it. Fingers crossed I'm wrong though!

mrnmcknn Thu 16-May-19 23:13:32

Thank you TokyoSushi. A whisper is the perfect description of what I am seeing!

mrnmcknn Thu 16-May-19 23:15:19

Thanks Tastylancs, I know it was so hard to take a picture. I can see it best in real life and in the second picture with my ring. I hope it gets darker!

Bimbop5 Thu 16-May-19 23:16:32

Awe I'm sorry but it looks like negative to me. sad

fuckitywhat Thu 16-May-19 23:18:22

Sorry. I thought I did but then it moved over slightly so I think I'm imagining it sad

Finger crossed!!

Albgo Thu 16-May-19 23:20:51

I think I can see a hint of something in the one with the ring, but not on any of the others. x

foreverblessedbee Thu 16-May-19 23:22:11

Have you got any more tests to do a morning one OP? Truthfully - i dont see a line. Have been through the rollercoaster of high hope's and disappointments in a 5 year period of ttc. We went through alot to conceive our first, found it very traumatic every month and all the hoping and wondering. Then 2 more darling babies came along totally untried for! Yes that is the fuckwittery of the female human reproductive cycle!
Wishing you the very best of luck op xxxxxx

PepsiLola Thu 16-May-19 23:28:23

I don't think I can see a line, sorry!

I saved the first pik in my phone and played with all the colour settings etc. Nothing shown a line.

Hopefully you'll get a BFP in a couple of days

Drunkcaterpillar Thu 16-May-19 23:45:58

I've tried with inverting etc and can't see anything at all. Try in the morning? Big hugs I know personally how hard it is.

youngfreeandnotsingle Fri 17-May-19 12:13:26

I feel like I can see a smidge on picture 3, maybe try again in a couple of days? Good luck!

grumpyyetgorgeous Fri 17-May-19 12:25:03

I'm really sorry, those look like negative tests to me. I hope I'm wrong though.

Chefwifelife Fri 17-May-19 19:50:18

I enjoy also had a good squint and inverted the pics but can’t see anything. When I conceived DS I didn’t get a line until 14dpo. Good luck x

MrsFoxPlus4 Fri 17-May-19 19:51:51

Sorry I don’t see anything either but you’ll be in my thoughts flowers

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