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First AF after stopping cerazette sorry if tmi

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Juniperb123 Thu 16-May-19 22:46:00

Hi I stopped the pill beginning of April, so I was pretty pleased when I started to get AF a week ago, however I have literally not bled really, I have just had clots for the last week. Initially I thought it might just thought it might start with a few clots and then true AF would start. Has anyone else experienced this, is it just because it's counted as a withdrawal bleed and the first ones just a bit odd after stopping the pill. Haven't had a proper AF since I was about 16 due to contraception, so it's been over 10 years, but it definitely wasn't like this back then.

JD154 Fri 17-May-19 13:10:28

I'd say that was withdrawal. I came of it middle of March and thought I had a period 4 weeks later but it was so light. Just had my actual period when it was due and it was horrendous, definitely a period that I'm used to from before contraception x

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