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Test confusion!

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SparkleUK Wed 15-May-19 20:18:34

Hi everyone!
Fairly new so bear with me please!

I came off the pill in April, last WD bleed was 21st to 25th April. Ovia did some predictions as to when I'd be fertile and when my actual AF would be due (this coming Sunday) but obviously, without any proper AF it's harder to predict!

I haven't felt myself for a little while now, feeling dizzy, sick, headaches, sore nipples, tiredness then not sleeping, back pain, the fun! I decided, as I'm so impatient (!) to test yesterday with a cheapy from the supermarket (photo attached of it as it was nearly done developing in the time frame).
I then read a few reviews on that one that people said it gave them false positives so I don't know what to think now!
I then did a CB digi this morning but it said 'not pregnant'.

Ordered some FR's to try again but confused! Any thoughts helpful 😘

Sexnotgender Wed 15-May-19 20:20:19

Clear blue digital aren’t very sensitive.

Your test looks flooded, though I’m not famous with that particular type.

SparkleUK Wed 15-May-19 20:24:41

Thank you for the thoughts.

The dye moved across the window developing the lines as it went, then it went away to just a white background and the lines.

Kinsters Thu 16-May-19 01:52:22

The lines look so strong I'm surprised a digital showed not pregnant. I'd try another brand of test if I were you (and if that's negative then definitely complain to whichever supermarket you bought this test from!)

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