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Two week wait - “symptoms”

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Mrskcam Wed 15-May-19 19:05:17

I know that’s its basically impossible to have any symptoms in the two week wait that are caused by pregnancy, especially before implantation but I feel like I have all these things happening to me which never have before. I’ve symptom spotted before and drove myself crazy, convinced myself a few times that I was pregnant when I wasn’t etc which is why this time I’m a bit??? I’ll give you the run down.

Didn’t track O so I think I’m about 7dpo but could be a couple days either side really.

Around my predicted O day (predicted by an app I know it’s not accurate) - had cramping and a stabby pain in my right ovary. I’ve never had any sort of O pains or signs before so this is really new to me.

Nothing really after this, felt extremely wet down there and but my cm seems to have dried up from about 3dpo?

4dpo- in work went to toilet and there was 3 spots of blood on tissue paper, red blood, none whatsoever after that. Had mild af cramping all day this day and back ache.

5/6dpo- few twinges and pulling sensations, I think these I’m ignoring as we notice every tiny thing when ttc. Also bad heartburn and only my right nipple is sore?

7dpo (today) - I’ve had 2 dizzy spells and a monster headache today, thought it was because it is hot but I’m drinking loads of water at the moment so I’m definitely not dehydrated. Got chest pain too, as well as the heartburn, this chest pain is more at the top of my right boob really. Went to have a bath as I felt so ugh and had to get out again to be sick. Took a test because I feel so odd in myself but bfn.

Usually whenever I symptom spot it’s a case of “I swear my boobs are bigger and veiny” “I’ve got more cm than usual” blah blah blah.

My cm always goes creamy afte O but it’s completely dried up ..

So confused as I never get any of this, not due af for 9 days.

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