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Anyone else ready to punch those flashing smilies?

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Sheep90 Wed 15-May-19 17:38:39

Hi all, I'm just about ready to snap my clear blue ov kit in half! I've had flashing smilies since Saturday, and am yet to see a static. Today my BBT rose by 1 degree and I have EWCM. In your experience, do I trust the pee stick or am I likely to have ovulated? It's my first month of temping so I'm not sure of what's normal for me.

tisonlymeagain Thu 16-May-19 18:36:23

My ClearBlue have been very accurate so stick with it. First cycle i didn't have any flashing just went straight to static but used cheapy strips too which showed a positive. AF showed up right on cue 14 days later. This cycle, I had three days of flashing before static smiley and my cheapies have been positive for 24 hours hmm

Colinthedog Thu 16-May-19 18:39:57

I got pregnant on a month where I only got flashing smileys, no static. Thought I was out of the game that month so was very surprised when I got my BFP. Not sure how common that is but I definitely wouldn’t rule out that you’ve ovulated...

Sheep90 Thu 16-May-19 20:04:54

I got a static this morning and positive cheapies, so I spoke too soon grin fingers crossed for us all!

mrsc1987 Thu 16-May-19 22:32:51

I had flashing for 3 days including this morning, around 6pm had a weird feeling that i wanted to do another and got my static, hubby has been away all week and came home tonight so i was v.happy

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