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Periods after coil removal, possibly a MC or peri menopause?

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GlamGiraffe Mon 13-May-19 20:54:38

My cycle also shortened by quite a few days after removal of a copper coil.its now stayed shorter. Perhaps it's normal.

overthehorizon Mon 13-May-19 20:52:34


overthehorizon Mon 13-May-19 17:19:05

I have no idea what is going on. Have namechanged for obvious reasons.

We're TTC DC2. I had my cooper cool out two months ago. Since then my cycle has shortened from 28 days to 25 and my last period was really heavy- it's slowing now after 8 days. An OPK said that I'd ovulated last month.

What on Earth is going on? I'm 39 so don't have time to mess about!

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