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Cyclogest to help conception

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Mummylobster Mon 13-May-19 15:29:33

Hi ladies,

I’m new here though I had been reading various threads here for a long time. I wonder if I could get some insights from your experience

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks Aug 2018 and have been trying to conceive again since October 18. My cycles have been varying between 33-38 days, with only last month the cycle was 43 days, not sure why.

This cycle, saw my Gynaecologist, he suggested try cyclogest after ovulation for 10 days. My husband and I had booked a holiday around ovulation to ‘try to help the process’. I had a scan 1 week before and the gynaecologist predicted it would be around Thu / Fri (2/3rd May). I got flashing smiley face on clear blue digital ovulation test from Thu - Sun. I previously had confusing results with the Cb digital test before so started on cyclogest on Thu just in case. I ran out of test sticks so I bought a normal boots ovulation test sticks after and Monday 6th I had a very strong positive ovulation result. We did the deed almost every day from 2nd - 9th May. So had quite good feeling.

However I started bleeding 3 days after the positive ovulation result but would have been 1 week from the date the gynaecologist predicted. The bleeding has been very light flow (1 pad a day) and off and on and no clot. It’s been on and off for about 5 days now. Dr said it’s normal and not to worry and carry on with cyclogest but doesn’t confirm/explain what it is. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms with cyclogest? Is this a super early period or some other kind of bleeding? Is all hope lost for this month? 😩😔

Thank you, I’d really appreciate any thought or insight!!!

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