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Evaporation line or faint positive?

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Flower255 Mon 13-May-19 03:08:24

I took a pregnancy test as I am 5 days late, although it does vary from month to month (I'm going by my app). I can't work out whether it is a faint positive or a evaporation line. I am getting my normal period symptoms but I know some of these can be confused with early pregnancy symptoms. I'm so confused🙈

MyDcAreMarvel Mon 13-May-19 12:25:20

Can you post a pic?

Flower255 Tue 14-May-19 16:25:35

For some reason I cannot post a picture maybe because I'm new on here? But here is a link with pictures I posted on another page. Hopefully the link works.

EvilDog Tue 14-May-19 16:43:37

Looks positive to me!

Katie2207 Tue 14-May-19 16:49:19

Definitely positive hun congratulations 😊x

xoxhayleyxox Tue 14-May-19 17:22:55

Deffo positive! Congrats ❤️

Dia12 Tue 14-May-19 17:56:17

Hi guys I'm due my period in 3 days time. Currently 7dpo and have taken a clear blue early detection HPT.
I'm not sure if I've convinced myself I could see a really faint line. A few minutes later it got a bit darker and so I was able to take a picture. I had taken apart the clear blue stick by this point - is this just an evaporation line I'm seeing?
Please help!

hcopp Tue 14-May-19 18:06:37

@dia12 It's definitely a line, but hard to know if it's evap or a positive - blue dye tests are apparently less reliable. Can you get a FRER or other pink dye test? Fingers crossed for you. 🤞

xoxhayleyxox Tue 14-May-19 18:18:22

@Dia12 looks positive but deffo try and get a FRER x

butterflykiss00 Tue 14-May-19 18:21:21

@Flower255 definitely positive!!!

Dia12 Tue 14-May-19 18:21:29

Ah thanks for replying @hcopp - i was there for at least 10m sat on bathroom floor just staring from different angles at this test then ripped it apart - really thought I'd lost the plot for a bit.
I'll buy a frer tomorrow and see how I get on. Oh why can't it be as easy as it is on the ads!

Dia12 Tue 14-May-19 18:23:00

Eeeek @xoxhayleyxox I really hope so.
It's been a real rollercoaster of shite so far, would be wonderful to have our luck change. x

Flower255 Wed 15-May-19 10:43:26

Thank you all, I've been to the doctors and there test is showing negative, so don't know what to think. I'm going to wait a few days and try a clear blue if there is still no sign of my period.

Flower255 Mon 20-May-19 07:36:22

So I have taken a first response rapid results test and it's showing a very strong positive! I had convinced myself I wasn't especially as the doctors was negative and I've been getting a few sharp pains in my stomach, will ring them up when they open. This is my first pregnancy so anxious about any pain I get.

hcopp Mon 20-May-19 08:21:19

@Flower255 - congratulations!! I get the anxiety thing. I'm nervous about spotting I've been having and slightly crampy legs, but the progressing BFPs are trying to convince me it's OK! Have a great day, and enjoy your wonderful news xxx

Dia12 Mon 20-May-19 08:25:56

That's amazing news well done! I'm still waiting for a stronger line on the HPTs as so far look like squinters but AF still at bay so not sure just yet. argh!

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