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42 years old and ttc

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Kimm123 Sun 12-May-19 20:39:13

Hi ladies.i am 42 years old with having one child boy at 6years old. We have been trying now for couple of years. We got referred to infertility and we both had all the checks which came all clear and that no indication of menopause except that i had endometriosis polyp which i recently got removed few weeks ago. The lady who did the surgery said leave it few weeks then ttc. My periods are all over the show. The last one i had was in jan 2019. Last week got a hormone blood test done at the surgery and the dr said your levels seem to high and it seems you are going to the change. Which i find wierd as have no symptoms at all apart from no regular periods cycle. My sister is 44years old and still having regular cycles. I am on anti depressants on a very low dose.But i dont think this would effect of me trying to concieve. The consultant gave me some meds to start my period and then have letrozole to ovulate. As at this rate i dont know when my ovulation takes place. I am going to soon start taking these medications. Just want to hear from anyone in similar boat as me. Very much appreciate for any advice or help xx

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