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9DPO and maybe a bfp

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GirlGang Sun 12-May-19 16:14:34

I've tried to add a picture.

Had a fair few symptoms already.
There is a definite faint second line on the test but not sure if it's a evap line or a positive test.

I've added a negative filter just to see if it would make a difference. I think I can see something?
Just wanted a few other eyes, any help would be great.

Kel801 Sun 12-May-19 16:16:05

I’m sorry I can’t see anything, but it is super early. 🤞🤞🤞for you x

GirlGang Sun 12-May-19 16:18:07

Sorry, forgot a bit!

There is something at the top and bottom of the window screen. It looks like the same colour as the line next to it.

Bayleyf Sun 12-May-19 16:22:03

I really don't honk you can see anything on that, sorry.

But it's so early that you shouldn't take that as a no - try first thing tomorrow?

GirlGang Sun 12-May-19 16:22:27

Hopefully I've added another picture blush

I've drew 2 lines where I'm talking about.

GirlGang Sun 12-May-19 16:26:24

Yep got some tests coming tomorrow, will be 10dpo then.

I tested yesterday and got nothing, just block white.
Today there is the faintest line.

Will just keep testing grin

Sheep90 Sun 12-May-19 20:09:09

Fingers crossed for you! I think there's a hint of something there

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