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Faint line

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Sbttc89 Sun 12-May-19 09:38:21

Hi there!

I've taken a few home pregnancy tests as I'm 4 days late and I'm never usually late. Took 2 yesterday at different times and one this morning (first wee of the day) and all three have come back with a faint positive line and now I'm really confused. I also woke up today to some bleeding as I went to the toilet.

Has anyone else had this? I took the test in the right time.

Morningchorus Sun 12-May-19 20:18:12


Could be a chemical pregnancy and period may come late. Or the bleeding could be nothing and lines may get darker over next couple of days.

I’d retest tomorrow/day after while bearing in mind period could start and it could be chemical.

Hope everything works out for you. X

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