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When did I ovulate? FF Graph

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ilovesocks Sat 11-May-19 15:57:22


Please could you look at my FF graph and tell me if/when you think I ovulated. Negative OPKs are recorded where I did them. All data is from Ava but I enter it onto FF, that's why some dots are not filled in because of when I entered the data.

Thanks smile

EssJayyCee Sun 12-May-19 06:41:48

I'd say somewhere around CD13 but I'm no expert.
Your temp usually drops at ovulation and then rises again which after CD13 your temp climbs and climbs.

ilovesocks Sun 12-May-19 15:50:48

Thank you @EssJayyCee

I got a BFP yesterday. FF thinks I ovulated CD19 if I let it add crosshairs, and Ava thinks CD17. I had been thinking CD13 too.

Want to know how early on I am!

hcopp Sun 12-May-19 17:22:53

Congratulations! Seeing how high your temperature was around cd5-7, I think dip to cd13 is throwing you off. More likely you ovulated around cd18-19, when your temperature rises above early cycle levels.

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