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Menfenamic Acid and Tranexamic acid

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Riley1989 Sat 11-May-19 12:22:42

Hi guys. So I came off my pill in January in preparation for me and my husband to start TTC once my cycles had sorted themselves out. I was on cerezette for 13years of period free bliss. I was very lucky that my period returned fairly quickly when I stopped taken the pill but they have been absolutely horrendous!! I ended up in hospital last month as I collapsed at home and woke up on the floor through the amount I was bleeding and the pain. I am being sent for a internal scan to find out if I have fibroids and I have had 100s of bloods taken recently to check for hormonal imbalances and thyroid problems etc. The dr has prescribed me tranexamic acid and menfenamic acid to start taking as soon as I come on my period. What I would like to know is has anyone else has any experiences with these drugs I’ve taken them about an hour ago and I’m starting to feel a bit funny confused any one else had funny side effects or is this just my anxiety making me feel this way?! Any responses appreciated! Lots of love 💕

RyvitaBrevis Sat 11-May-19 12:40:01

Mefanamic acid is very similar to nurofen / ibuprofen and aspirin, except that it works better for period pain. The main reason it's by prescription is that it can't be taken along with ibuprofen or aspirin, and there's too much risk of people unknowingly mixing them. I've never had any side effects with mefanamic acid other than a little heartburn on an empty stomach.

I've only had to take tranexamic acid a few times but never had any problem. It may have made me feel light headed, but I think that was actually the blood loss and period pain itself if that makes sense?

I think if something is really wrong and you are experiencing side effects, you'll know beyond just feeling a bit funny, hopefully. Hope it works for you!

Sheep90 Sat 11-May-19 17:14:13

Tranexamic acid has had no adverse effects on me, although worked well to make AF lighter.

PlanBea Sat 11-May-19 23:13:47

I have mefenamic acid and it has no effects more than ibuprofen for me. Did you take them with food?

Good luck finding out what the cause is flowers

BringItIn Sat 11-May-19 23:21:00

Tranexamic acid makes me feel quite weird as well and sometimes I feel anxious about it. I feel a bit jittery, sometimes my tongue feels weird, sometimes a bit tense / anxious in my chest and an odd feeling I can't describe around my head.

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