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Anyone use Flo app?

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Jonesydocandjr Sat 11-May-19 00:14:37

So cycle one was a big fat bust ! Oh well on to cycle 2 ( it's like being on ANTM)

So I thought I would use an app to track my cycle. Before having my last child my cycle was like the trains in a fascist country! Nowadays they aren't quiet as in time in the past three months they have been 32 days then 30 days then 27 ( arrived today) I'm not sure if the vitamin supplements are trying to get them back to 28 days maybe? Do they do that ?

Anywho although last month was our first month TTC I've been tracking my cycle on flo for the last three.

The last time I conceived it was mostly luck I used an ovulation calculator to guesstimate my most fertile days and dtd the day before and two days after ( now have a beautiful 18 month old)

So tonight I looked up a few different calculators on line using the same info flo has and they are giving me days 5 days out from what flo is giving me!

So my question is.... what do you all think of Flo or other apps! Or should I just get ovulation kits ???

mrssunshinexxx Sat 11-May-19 07:40:05

Interesting because I use Flo and ovia and have put same period dates in but my fertile dates are different ?

Jonesydocandjr Sat 11-May-19 10:32:13

@mrssunshinexxx I know right 🤷‍♀️ I just don't know what's going on or who to trust .... I guess just try and cover all the various dates???? My husbands going to be exhausted by the end of it ! Lol

Novella12 Sat 11-May-19 10:57:35

I use Flo but only for estimating when af will come - it is not very good at estimating my ovulation at all and has been wrong each month. I think OPKs are the way to go. At least that way you can be more accurate! I’ve used them religiously this month and have found them very reassuring

mrssunshinexxx Sat 11-May-19 11:05:38

@Jonesydocandjr haha that's not a bad idea but my husband works offshore so v difficult

@Novella12 yeah may consider them if we've had no luck after 6 months or so want to try to be relaxed ish about it x

Comps83 Sat 11-May-19 11:12:32

That’s the one I’ve got
It was fairly accurate , but I didn’t really get to test it for more than one cycle before getting BFP
Good thing about it is that once you do get BFP you can switch it to pregnancy mode

Littleduckeggblue Sat 11-May-19 11:28:17

I used flo and conceived after 4 cycles

CalamityJune Sat 11-May-19 11:49:54

It depends on how youre doing it. If youre DTD every other day all through the month then the app plus EWCM should be enough to show when your fertile days are.

If, like me you have to be a bit more organised about booking DTD in then OPKs are the way to go. I always ovulate quite late, usually day 18-20 of a 32 day cycle so I like to double check. I've always used the cheap amazon ones (and the pregnancy tests too) and never had any problems.

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