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TTC confusion

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Stilltobeseen Fri 10-May-19 23:11:22

I should start by saying I'm almost certain I'm not pregnant but there is a small chance that I may be.
So the deal is, we are ttc our first child, it's our first cycle and I've been tracking my periods for about 2 years now so know my body pretty well.
We just got married and are currently on honeymoon (almost over boo) and my fertile week was over out wedding. The day after our wedding (2 days before ovulation) we did the deed after I took an ovulation strip that came back positive-ish. By that I mean there was a pretty dark line but not darker than the control line (this still confuses me a bit also..does it need to be as dark or darker to be positive?)
Anyway, so the deed was done and we went on honeymoon the day I was supposed to be officially ovulating according to my app but I didn't test because we were travelling all day so I knew by the time we reached our destination with jet lag etc we likely wouldn't be doing it that day anyway which is true.
So yea, we've obviously been doing the deed while here but by that point I was passed my fertile window. the point of all this is. I'm currently spotting (light pink with occasional brown spots) and have light cramping. This started yesterday. I'm also quite nauseous (this could just be two weeks worth of bad food choices though grin). It's definitely not my period as I'm not due for another 4 days and I'm so regular almost to the hour so its DEFINITELY not that.
However I do spot around this time before my period, every.single.month...but this just feels different.
Tbh I get a lot of 'preggo' symptoms on the lead up to my period so I'm just not convinced this is any different, especially since we didn't do it on the BIG O day.
I guess in my long ramble I just want to know if anyone who maybe spots regularly before their period and got pregnant still spotted?
I should say I haven't tested yet because I think it's still too early and a negative wouldn't be totally convincing until a missed period.

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