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Opk help for a novice

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Fri 10-May-19 17:04:18

I would say your surge is over and you should ovulate in next 12/36 hours however also depends on how diluted your second wee was? X

Mammyofasuperbaby Fri 10-May-19 14:19:21

Opks don't detect ovulation, they detect the lh surge that happens 12 to 48 hours before ovulation.
The test looks positive to me so best get busy over the next few days

Helpaladyout Fri 10-May-19 14:12:58

Hi, just after some opk help.
I did an ovulation test this morning that looked almost positive but not quite and another one just now where the test line is much weaker.

Does that mean I ovulated in the time in between the tests? Sorry if it’s a daft question but I’m new to this (if you hadn’t guessed!)

I’ve (hopefully) attached a photo. Top one being the test I took this morning and the bottom one the one I took just now.

Thanks 😊

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