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Anyone 2DPO??

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Katie2207 Fri 10-May-19 13:26:52

I'm 2DPO today and already feel myself going insane!! Is that even possible??😂 the ttw is honestly the worst😩 anyone else with me??

butterflykiss00 Sat 11-May-19 19:45:15

I'm 2dpo today although had spotting on the 9th and 10th on cycle day 15 so assuming it's ovulation spotting.

I've already tested 🤦🏻‍♀️ an idiot I am lol!!
How r u doing ?

Katie2207 Sat 11-May-19 23:44:41

@butterflykiss00 so sorry for the extremely late reply seems like yesterday and today has flown by me😂 well I had to do some shopping today and it took all my willpower to not by some tests🙄 does that explain how I'm doing lol😂 swore I wasn't gonna test until my period was late but have now changed my mind (like I do) and going to test at 8/9DPO😂 what about you?? Anymore spotting?? X

Claire78564 Sun 12-May-19 00:42:04

Hola I think I’m 2 dpo as well. I started with positive ovulation tests on Wednesday and they ended Friday but I also had sticky cm on Friday instead of EWCM. Today I’ve noticed my cervix feels very firm and higher up than normal... I know at this point you won’t technically have any pregnancy symptoms but it’s hard not to symptom spot! I usually develop painful breasts after ovulation more so in the left than right but this time round both hurt just as much as each other. Have you notice any symptoms? Xxx

Katie2207 Sun 12-May-19 08:53:31

Hello @Claire78564 just after ovulation I got really painful nipples which has never happened before I normally just get backache and some twinges the day of ovulation and that's that until my period so obviously me being me is already getting my hopes up that this cycle might be the one🙄I don't know why I do this to myself😩😂 I had 2 days of positive OPKs but the second day was way darker than my first positive. This is cycle 17 of ttc what about you? Noticed any symptoms today?x

butterflykiss00 Sun 12-May-19 09:42:25

@Katie2207 oh no u caved haha, yeah I'm going to test (or keep testing) at 9dpo, spotting again this morning so naturally done a test and it's still a faintest evap/line those eBay tests are shite ! Unsure why I'm testin but I don't actually know the date I ovulated so that's my excuse haa!

Katie2207 Sun 12-May-19 09:52:16

@butterflykiss00 hoping that spotting leads to something positive for you😊 I used to buy them eBay tests in bulk, however for me they're always seemed to be a hint of a line and that used to really get my hopes up. I would say if it gets darker for you then it could be the start of something maybe?? I haven't really had any symptoms yet just a couple of twinges and backache, really hoping this is the month!!

Claire78564 Sun 12-May-19 10:15:37

Ooh it’s all exciting but we’ve wracking at the same time! I’m okay today although both boobs pretty sore today...I’m only 3dpo so will see what the Future brings. Sensitive nips sounds positive! X

Katie2207 Sun 12-May-19 10:33:05

Hope it's something positive😊 hope this is the month for us all x

butterflykiss00 Sun 12-May-19 19:26:40

@Katie2207 thanks smile my spotting got a little bit heavier today and I have backache also, I'm sure it's an early period starting

Sounding positive for you so far!!

butterflykiss00 Sun 12-May-19 19:28:54

@Claire78564 sounding good for you too! I used to have 28 day cycles so I technically could be 4dpo however I just had my first period since birth and it ended on the 1st May, so we could be close together smile

Claire78564 Sun 12-May-19 19:41:36

Exciting smile I’m just not sure when I ovulated...I had my last positive opk Friday. Last EWCM was dunno if I ovulated Friday or Saturday. Or even Thursday! I know started with painful boobs on Saturday. Worried I missed my chance because we last had sex on Thursday x

butterflykiss00 Sun 12-May-19 20:52:04

There's still a chance! I don't track ovulation at all so cant even guess with CM either, I had sex on cd 9,12,15 should of really done it more but can't turn back the clock now lol!

I'm going to test on Friday at approx 9dpo when's everyone else ?

butterflykiss00 Sun 12-May-19 21:04:25

This is my calendar for this month, looks like I have been having ovulation spotting! Didn't realise until I put suspected ovulation in !

Katie2207 Sun 12-May-19 21:07:38

I use BBT and OPKs to track ovulation so I'm pretty confident I know when ovulation was 🤞🏼 fingers crossed anyway!! I'm also going to be testing Friday/Saturday, going to take a lot of willpower to not test before that😬😂x

Katie2207 Sun 12-May-19 21:10:12

@butterflykiss00 also that's definitely good news😊

butterflykiss00 Sun 12-May-19 21:31:56

Thank Katie, although after research it says it would last 3 days max, mine has lasted 5 confused

Katie2207 Sun 12-May-19 21:43:30

Everyone's body is different hun I'm sure it's still normal, as long as it's just spotting i would say it's fine and maybe just keep an eye on it x

butterflykiss00 Sun 12-May-19 22:50:26

I will keep an eye, so annoying! I'm sure it's going to be an early period now got backache and feeling shitty 😡

butterflykiss00 Sun 12-May-19 22:53:57

When I've looked at my calendar I've bled every day this year except for 21 days of nothing. Fed up

Katie2207 Sun 12-May-19 23:03:41

Sorry to hear that it sounds awful what you're going through😩have you spoken to you're doctor about it??

butterflykiss00 Sun 12-May-19 23:49:25

Yeah got an appointment next month with gynaecologist , hopefully get some answers then! Sorry for twisting I just looked at my Ovia calendar and realised how long it's been now!

Katie2207 Mon 13-May-19 07:47:42

No no it's fine honestly I hope you get some awnsers nexr month x

butterflykiss00 Mon 13-May-19 08:38:56

Thankyou, il test Friday too and we'll see what happens smile good luck to you all!!

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