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Pregnacare conception lengthening cycle?

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OnePotato2Potato Thu 09-May-19 17:26:38

I have a cycle between 28-35 days normally.
Im on CD36 and took pregnacare conception from CD21 onwards of this cycle only... could these multivitamins be lengthening my cycle?

Anyone have experience of this?
I took a hpt 11dpo which was a bfn and I will probably poas tomorrow morning if AF isnt here by then.


hcopp Thu 09-May-19 18:21:07

I've heard vitamin b12 (which will be in the pregnacare) can lengthen luteal phase, but I imagine this would take time to have any effect. More likely you ovulated later than usual - happened to me a couple of months ago.

Inthesky42 Thu 09-May-19 19:05:23

I took pregnacare, first month thought it was lengthening my cycle but it turned out I was pregnant! I swear switching to these was what made it happen after 9 months of trying!

Inthesky42 Thu 09-May-19 19:06:09

Also didn't get my BFP until AF was 5 days late

Yorkshiredolls Thu 09-May-19 19:09:28

I don’t know if there’s any evidence behind it but I started taking seven seas Trying for a baby which is similar, to get it into my system for a few months prior to TTC. my last 2 cycles have been even longer than usual, 38 and 37 days vs my usual 32-34 with loads of weird spotting. I think there might be something in the bit B12 theory, I feel like a ovulated later than usual both months. i’m now in my first month TTC and i’ve decided to stop them and just take folic acid instead to see if it improves.

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