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Weird preg test HELP

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TheNoodleLover Thu 09-May-19 15:07:41

So last night at dpo9 I did a clearblue early detection looked negative but then when i really squinted and stared at it for aaaages I noticed the faintest line ever but it was there! ..... so iv done my second one using my morning wee and there was a line going HORIZONTAL instead of vertical wtf? 30 mins later i have looked again and that lines disappeared but now there's a extremely faint line going vertical.....Im so confused.....I am so going to stick to pink dye tests in future because there blue ones are so confusing

TLBftm Thu 09-May-19 15:30:25

I would say.... pregnant. Not sure about that second test... but when I first tested mine was the same as your first one. To the point where I could swear I saw a line but my DH was like ‘eh, where are you looking, there’s deffo nothing there’ then I started wondering if I was seeing this faint line purely because I wanted to. DH was convinced it was negative but I just knew it wasn’t.... sent him straight out for a digital test (there was no way I could wait for the morning) and after 2 mins of waiting, I turned it over and it said PREGNANT 2-3 weeks. Knew it haha! My DS is now 4 month old :D I’d try getting a digital test for sure. Good luck!

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Thu 09-May-19 16:31:50

Clearblue are never going to give you an accurate reading at 9DPO - most embryos don't implant until today - first Response is the only one I would bother using this early - first Response has a sensitivity of around 6hcg and clearblue is 25 so huge difference

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