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AVA - worth the money?

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MrsRLM Thu 09-May-19 13:21:09

I've been BBTing for 6 months now with no luck.

I'm thinking of trying the AVA bracelet? Does anyone have any experience? Claims to "double your chances of getting pregnant" - is it worth the £300 price tag?

MrsEG Thu 09-May-19 14:03:21

I’ve just started using mine this cycle. What I really like about it is the level of info (so not just temp) and also that you just wear it overnight, sync when you wake up and it’s done. It pinpointed my ovulation date bang on too. Can’t say it’s successful yet as only 10DPO! Main con for me is the fact it needs charging every day but I’ve gotten in to the habit of it now!

MrsRLM Thu 09-May-19 14:43:57

Thanks, @MrsEG - do you have a referral/discount code you wouldn't mind sharing? They used to do them, not sure if they still do.

MrsEG Thu 09-May-19 14:48:07

I do! Just dug it out of my emails - it’s:

Abi58 Thu 09-May-19 20:04:58

@MrsRLM I've been thinking about this too! I still early in ttc but I'm recently off the pill so keen to know what's going on with me!

@MrsEG do you wear it only at night or all day as well?

MrsEG Thu 09-May-19 20:08:13

@Abi58 Only at night; as long as you have it on for at least 4 hours overnight it can read the data etc!

Abi58 Thu 09-May-19 20:47:35

@MrsEG oh wow that's good! (Was a little worried if I had to wear it all day it would give the game away that we are ttc haha!

What sort of data do you get from it?

MrsEG Thu 09-May-19 21:03:46

@Abi58 I worried about that too before I realised!! Was looking for all my clothes with long sleeves!! Here’s the data - so heart rate, temp, breathing, sleep quality and HRV. You can also log to it, so dates you DTD etc. On the main page of the app it also tells you if it predicts you are low, high or peak fertility.

Cleozeta Fri 10-May-19 13:38:43

I have been using ava for about 10 months now and found it brilliant. (The only reason I have had no luck is age)
If you are a data geek it's great. I had a chemical pregnancy back in Oct, but from the data, it was obvious the cycle was different from quite early on, as it's not just tempretures, it's also resting heart rate, which, once you learn to read it, tells a lot, about when ovulation will happen and how things are looking in the 2ww. It also takes the faff out of daily temp tracking

Here's another code if anyone else wants £20 off

Savvysaz Fri 10-May-19 13:55:12

I bought one this cycle so it’s too early to tell if it’s helping as it’s still getting to know me but I will say I feel less stressed actually - not sure that makes sense but I feel like it’s a load shared?! 😂

MrsRLM Fri 10-May-19 14:10:34

Thanks, everyone. I think I'm going to invest in one.

I'm quite stressed having the responsibility of getting my OV date right, temping every day, making sure I'm taking vitamins, not drinking too much caffeine etc.

I feel like all the responsibility is on me (not that its my DH's fault) so I'm just looking for anything that will take away even just a little bit of that stress.

busybee987 Fri 10-May-19 14:19:25

take a look at ovusense too, think its cheaper, might not be as detailed but i found it easy to use and affordable. it is marketed as more for those with pcos/pco but it would work equally as well for someone who didnt suffer

lineofdutyfan Fri 10-May-19 21:11:12

I have both and find ovusense more accurate. It feels like it gets my ovulation date correct based on ewcm and opks and is quite far adrift from Ava.

I also had a really long cycle a month ago and ovusense hadn't confirmed ovulation. It did eventually 2 weeks later and bang on another 2 weeks AF arrived so I definitely trust ovusense more.

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