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First period after mini pill...

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mads20 Thu 09-May-19 12:58:36

Hi all, I stopped taking my mini pill April 1st (I had been on it around 6 months - desogestrel) and have been having unprotected sex (not sure what the code word on Mumsnet for that is lol) since. I was panicking about not getting my period as I just wanted to know everything was "working" so I could get back into tracking my cycles and knowing where I stand with ttc. So my period finally made an appearance on the 11th (after a week of build up cramps etc) it came thick and fast (sorry tmi!) but I have always suffered with periods so this was expected, especially after such a long break! Anyway, it was consistently heavy until I got out the shower Tuesday and there was nothing there... sometimes I have a 12-24 hour break of bleeding but sure enough it will come back over night/the next day with a vengeance but... nothing!! My periods are normally 7-10 days long and this was a mere 4 days! Is this normal? I was having you know what leading up to and during my period so I'm now convincing myself I may of conceived (I know this is highly unlikely but wishful thinking!) did anyone else have weird things like this after coming off the mini pill!? It's so strange as my cycle is never normal like this and I just want to get back into a routine so I can pin point ovulation etc! Arrhh🤯

mads20 Thu 09-May-19 13:02:58

Just to correct, my period came the 4th may not the 11th... I'm not a time traveller lol

madeofstarlight Thu 09-May-19 13:14:55

I might be wrong but I'm sure the first period after coming off the mini pill is a withdrawal bleed. I had this and it was as you described, very heavy but short lived. It was another few months before my period came back.

xoxhayleyxox Thu 09-May-19 13:27:50

It took me 17 days to have a bleed after coming off cerazette after being on it for 8 years. It was quite light and lasted 5 days, I ovulated on cycle day 13 and fell pregnant that cycle, I'm 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow.
I think the 'withdrawal bleed' you see everywhere referring to is the bleed you have after coming off the combined pill rather than mini pill. It varies so much how soon people bleed after coming off of it. If you're TTC then I'd say start using ovulation strips to see when you ovulate (i OV'd CD13 so quite early). It's deffo possible to get pregnant from now as it is after coming straight off the pill. It's really hard to say what a 'normal' bleed would be after coming off it as your first cycle but if you're in doubt, do a pregnancy test just over a week or so! And I'd deffo recommend using OPKs for OV! I started using them CD 6 which was early but as I say I OVd quite early! X

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