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Repeated IVF failure

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streatham1 Thu 09-May-19 12:14:04

Hi Guys

I’m writing for some advice, I’m new on here. We have had 4 failed IVF attempts in London, and we are now looking at Spain. I am 40 , produce a good number of eggs but the embryos aren’t implanting. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with my uterus or anything , the reason we are having IVF is due to very low sperm count and motility. Does anyone have experience with repeated implantation failure, we are not sure if it is due to egg quality or the sperm. We will do a DNA fragmentation test but the embryos last 2 times were grade A so we aren’t sure what the issue is? Any advice on this and what we could try next would be amazing. We are looking at Spanish clinics, does anyone have any success stories from clinics there? I have heard IVI and Institute Barnebau are good as well as IVF Spain. Any help would be amazing!

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