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BBT recommendations for thermometers please

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CarysC Thu 09-May-19 11:49:27


So I'm back to CD #1 today and this cycle I want to start tracking my BBT, any recommendations on a reasonable priced but reliable brand of thermometer to use? Last month I used OPK test sticks but never got a solid positive with these so thought I'd try doing BBT as well. Thanks

MrsRLM Thu 09-May-19 13:14:28

I use Femometer. I got mine from Amazon for about £30. You get the thermometer and then download the app and it bluetooths your readings to the app. You can also take photos of your OPKs and it will tell you if the line is low, high, peak etc.

I've been using it since January and I'm happy with it all for the money.

CarysC Sat 11-May-19 00:17:51

Thanks @MrsRLM

I downloaded the app as I liked the sound of it analysing the OPKs but I didn't buy the thermometer, £30 is just out of my price range, it seemed a lot to pay and you can manually enter your temp into the app anyways. The app seems great though, much more user friendly than the cycle tracking app I was using before. Thanks for the tip 😀👍🏻

MrsRubyMonday Sat 11-May-19 02:00:06

I use the iProven one off Amazon, it's grey. It shows as the Amazon recommended one for me, it takes a full minute to read your temp compared to the ten seconds or so for the previous one I had, so more accurate. The reviews are great and it was only about £10

CarysC Sat 11-May-19 09:17:48


Yeah that's the one I went for in the end, the amazon recommended. Had loads of good reviews, hasn't arrived yet. I dunno when I'm going to start measuring as I'm on nights all weekend and you're meant to do it when you first wake up but also the same time every day...

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