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Line eyes please!

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Lambikes Wed 08-May-19 20:31:31


I've been lurking on these threads for a couple of months since we started TTC but have refrained from posting in the Hope's of not making myself too crazy during the 2WW!

I am currently 10 dpo and have been feeling really hungry and nauseous for the past 2 days, and my impatience got the better of me this evening and I decided to POAS. I think I see something, but I'm not sure if I'm just being crazy - do you see anything?

riotsnotdietsx Wed 08-May-19 20:32:24

I'm not psychic

Lambikes Wed 08-May-19 20:33:37

Ahh sorry...struggling with the photo attachment...working on it...

Ineedamanipedi Wed 08-May-19 20:33:53

Try again op!

greyby25 Wed 08-May-19 20:34:23

Did you mean to attach a pic OP ? X

Lambikes Wed 08-May-19 20:42:17

Ok, so it looks like I cant attach a pic until I've been on here for a month, so I hope it's ok for me to post a link instead:

SecretWitch Wed 08-May-19 20:44:05

I see a line. Perhaps retest tomorrow for validation.

armsandtheman Wed 08-May-19 21:13:28

Definitely a line. Congratulations!

Chuchuwa Wed 08-May-19 21:52:50

Heads up OP, I think your real name is visible at the top of your link. But I see the line, congrats!

greyby25 Wed 08-May-19 22:05:27

Definitely see a line ! Congratulations ! X

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