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TTC 1st Baby - Thread 17!

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MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 15:50:33

Hi everyone! I’ve started a new thread as we are dangerously close to 1000 posts in the last one! I’ll add a link to it now smile Here’s hoping it’s a lucky one!

PaintingOwls Wed 08-May-19 17:15:01

Hallo all, I'll add myself too if that's okay. I have been on some of the previous threads but have been feeling blue and withdrawn the last few months so haven't been keeping up. I'd like to change that.

Age: 26
Cycle 9(!)

I thought this month was it, AF was 5 days late but I got a BFN on a frer and then I got my period in the middle of lunch at the weekend which put a dampener on things...

I am feeling VERY fed up and like it'll never happen. I was using opks in the beginning then stopped from Christmas because my opk was positive 5 days before AF showed up and I was confused and angry that it wasn't working.

I tried temping but there was no consistency with when I was waking up so my data was largely useless.

Have bought opks again though and will give it another go.

LikeTheFruit Wed 08-May-19 17:19:51

Hello all!!

For stats

I turn 31 on Saturday
Cycle 5
Cd10 today.

Don't tend to ov until day 17/18 ish. So can enjoy this weekend away for bday DTD with no pressure!

Jessikka Wed 08-May-19 17:26:08

Thanks for bringing me along x

purplefig Wed 08-May-19 17:40:30

@PaintingOwls I'm on cycle 9 too, and have only just returned here after a few months off, so commiserations! I read somewhere it feels particularly hard because we could have had a baby by now, which I guess I do feel on some level. I just keep trying to remind myself it takes lots of people longer than a few months, and you just don't tend to hear about it, only the "omg we weren't even really trying" stories!"

PaintingOwls Wed 08-May-19 17:58:13


Commiserations to you as well.

You might be right - I remember when we first started TTC I was worried about "clashing" with DP's birthday! What a nice problem that would have been to have, I think now smile

Yeah with the exception of 2 people (4 years and 20 years) everyone I know who has had a baby fell pregnant immediately, and I suppose I assumed that sounds happen to me too.

dahlia123 Wed 08-May-19 18:01:03

Thanks for the new thread @MrsEG - jockey made me giggle.

Good luck with the Ava @FlapJackered - I much prefer it to OPK sticks.

Happy birthday and happy BD in advance @LikeTheFruit

Welcome back and hi to all returnees and new posters.

My stat update for the new thread - I'm 32. Currently on cycle 5, CD14.

Lottiepink Wed 08-May-19 18:12:22

Hi everyone,

Thank you for setting up the new thread!

I've been so busy, so sorry for the minimal posting. Been reading back but it moves so fast 😂

7dpo today, and managing to not symptom spot, as I actually don't have any 🤣 ... apart from hayfever (I never get hayfaver) so bloody annoying. The pollen must be high.. I feel like ripping my eyes out!!

Last cycle I drove myself insane, but I had a lot of strange twinges and pg symptoms etc, so defo not over thinking this cycle. I kind of feel that it's been such a long time, until I go to the docs to intervene there's no hope...

Sorry guys really not being a moan, but just needed to get it off my chest 🤣🤣 feel good now 🙈😂

Hope you are all ok, and fingers crossed this is a lucky thread!!

coconutcurls Wed 08-May-19 18:17:41

Jumping on the new thread (I'm a lurker but don't really post) I love seeing everyone's journeys and the incredible support on here.

Age: 29
Cycle: 2
CD: 3

Only had one full cycle since I came off the pill in March and it was 35 days. Not using any OPKs or anything (yet) as we're hoping to take things as they come for now but I've already got them in my basket on Amazon 😂🙈

I'm kind of hoping my cycles get a little shorter as I already can't cope with such a long wait between them!

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 18:17:57

@FlapJackered Good luck with it! Mine arrived really quickly too, within a few days.

@Veevee457 Ha you definitely don’t want to be making yourself older - I’m 33 and at the stage where I’d like to be knocking off a few years haha!

@purplefig Thank you Hun, it’s been very hard but feeling a lot more positive the last few weeks. I love running and would just run every day if it was up to me - but DH is a personal trainer and encourages me to vary things a bit!! So I do some strength work with him too. I’m also starting Pilates this week!

@cupcakesandglitter Oh I’m so sorry about the Cp, how crappy for you. How are you feeling? It’s good to see you sounding quite positive - you’re right, everything happens for a reason and with these things, I’ve come to realise there’s just nothing you can do about them or anything that would change the outcome. I gave myself a really hard time after my MMC but have come to understand it wasn’t my fault and I just got unlucky. You’ll have that BFP soon I’m sure of it. And good luck to both you and @Meenabeena DTD while fasting!! That’s bloody commendable! You’re right, maybe SMEP isnt best this month, conserve your energy!

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 18:22:51

Thread moving fast today I’ve missed a bunch of people!

@PaintingOwls That sucks; I had similar last month - we weren’t really trying after my MMC but weren’t preventing either, and when AF was late I really got my hopes up - turns out my cycle was still a bit all over the place. She rocked up during a work meeting abroad! ugh!

@LikeTheFruit Happy Birthday for Saturday!

@Lottiepink Moan away! I’m 9DPO so we’re close smile Refusing to test though unless AF doesnt come on monday. I can’t hack BFNs!

@coconutcurls Hello! Yeah, I think if you can get away without all the baby gear (as DH calls it!) then that’s fab - I’m at the point now where I have an Ava bracelet and use OPKs 😫 It’s like having a second job!! Good luck with this cycle smile

Fivebyfive2 Wed 08-May-19 18:30:58

Hi all, is it OK if I still pop in to mark a place and see how you're all doing?

@flapjackered, so sorry af arrived, hope you get on OK with the Ava.

@MrsEG, nice one with the new thread, I still can't believe how fast they go over 900!! It's all us chatterboxes!! 😂 I'm keeping everything crossed this is your month!

LikeTheFruit Wed 08-May-19 18:43:00

Thanks @dahlia123 and @MrsEG !!
We're off to Prague for a long weekend. Hopefully the weather there is better then here!!

Dollywilde Wed 08-May-19 18:55:19

* haha I can just imagine the blood draining from his face lol*

So long as it doesn’t drain from other places I don’t mind much grin

Marleym28 Wed 08-May-19 18:56:10

Hi ladies.
AF due tomorrow. Noticed some spotting today so I'm prepared for her to arrive now.
Don't get me wrong I'm disappointed as I move into cycle 4 but what can I do?

Anyone due to test?
Seeing other peoples bfps keeps me going xx

Dollywilde Wed 08-May-19 18:56:28

Sorry that was to @lozzlepop !

Dollywilde Wed 08-May-19 19:03:32

Happy birthday for the weekend cake @likethefruit

@lokicat hope you managed to find time to BD!

@marleym28 sorry you think AF is on her way. I know what you mean about the BFPs, last month I was a bit <sigh> as I got a BFN on a big testing day but it does give me faith. I’m obsessively googling ‘how long did it take you’ threads on here and elsewhere though which I’m not sure is sensible.... it doesn’t change how long it will take for ME, does it?

Bloody hats off to girls fasting and TTC, impressive stuff!

Sometimes I wonder if the speed this thread moves at doesn’t help. After all, I’m already feeling like 31 days is about a year at the moment, and we’re managing to fill a whole thread in about six weeks grin

CB87 Wed 08-May-19 19:13:23


I am TTC month 8, never posted here before. AF is due tomorrow. I normally have spotting but nothing as yet.
I am 32 and most of my friends and family fell pregnant in the first few months of trying so have been feeling a bit miserable to say the least.

I think I may be developing line eye (see attached pic) can anyone see anything?

Hope everyone has good news soon 🙂


winter138 Wed 08-May-19 19:15:40

Hello everyone, I'm new here!Posted on another thread but thinking now it was an older one... learning!

I'm 32 and TTC(trying to conceive)1st baby over 7 cycles in last 9 months (missed 2!), ovulated recently so now in 2 wk wait.Average 28 day cycle and on day 18 atm, guessing 3dpo but that's an estimate.

I've been trying really hard not to overthink it but with every month that passes it gets harder and lonelier so thought I'd join here for a bit more support. I've only just started tracking BBT this month but holding off on theovulationtesting as trying to stay relaxed about it and the thought of peeing on a stick every day is soul destroying!

I come from a really fertile family so I think that's what has made it harder as I wonder if there's something wrong with me. I just assumed that it would happen quickly!!

I get horrendousovulationpain each month and sometimes notice bleeding after sex which isn't helping my worrying...!

Looking forward to learning more about you all and supporting each other on this often lonely and stressful journey!

ELW85 Wed 08-May-19 19:16:59

@MrsEG thank you so much for the kind welcome and tagging me!
Age - 34
TTC # 1
Cycle #2
CD8 currently in a 25 day cycle (usually) so expecting O on. CD11/12

And thank you to all of the lovely ladies who’ve been very welcoming and helping with advice! About to check out the SMEP now (DH will be terrified, haha!)

I can definitely relate to a lot of the frustration, especially when you’ve read all you can and you just get impatient for the BFP.

It’s great that we’ve got a resource like this and a way to support each other though smile

CB87 Wed 08-May-19 19:23:59

@winter138 same with the ovulation pain and fertile family. I recently got engaged so my huge family have been asking when we are thinking of starting a family. I know they don't mean anything bad by it but it doesn't help with the negative thoughts that something is wrong and that is why I haven't conceived.

MrsR16 Wed 08-May-19 19:32:00

Just marking my place ladies - still loving following you all! Xxx

ELW85 Wed 08-May-19 19:36:12

@Winter138 welcome (from a fellow newbie!)
It is so hard when you’re prone to overthinking (I am too!) and you’ve read all there is to read and tracked everything to within an inch of its life.
This is our second cycle of tracking and trying, but I can definitely relate to the worrying element, when you’re doing all you can and not getting very far.
We’re all in it together though and with all of us having these experiences, it must be quite normal!! smile

winter138 Wed 08-May-19 19:43:28

@CB87 it sounds like we are in a similar position Carly. I am also 32 and one month difference to you on cycle 7 of 9 possible as wasn't really trying the other 2 months. All my friends got pregnant super quick after trying or weren't even trying at all, oops! I just assumed it would be easier than this...

winter138 Wed 08-May-19 19:46:46

@ELW85 such a positive way of looking at it! You're making me so glad I joined today as i was worrying it was beginning to drive me crazy.

I am interested in how much you are all sharing your experiences with friends or family? My husband knows everything obviously but I normally talk things out with people if I'm worried about something and I feel very lonely atm keeping it all to myself. It can't be healthy but I also don't want people asking all the time or making it into a bigger issue than it is!

CB87 Wed 08-May-19 19:52:08

@winter138 my best friend is pregnant at the moment and fell pregnant first month, without really trying. I am so happy for her, but also a tiny bit jealous which makes me feel like a bad person. I think it's normal to think it is going to happen quickly but am sure it will happen for all of us soon. All the stress will be worth it in the end!

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