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Ovulation strips

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chloew1924 Wed 08-May-19 11:12:43

Hello everyone, I'm on cycle 5 since my miscarriage and have decided to start using ovulation strips. I am cycle day 10 and have had more discharge yesterday and today than normal so thought I'd be ovulating today. I've taken a test and it's come back negative. I've had a faint line since I started testing at cycle day 5 and it has got stronger. Does this look like I'll be ovulating soon?

WildFlower2019 Wed 08-May-19 11:20:03

Mine used to be like this in the morning and by midnight I'd test again and it'd be raging. Then still dark the next morning. But everyone is different.

Try testing again later?

Squiff70 Wed 08-May-19 11:43:43

I think that'll be a blazing positive in a day or two, so maybe CD12?

chloew1924 Wed 08-May-19 12:12:35

Thank you @WildFlower2019 and @Squiff70 I'm going to test AM and PM for the next few days just to make sure I don't miss it. It's much darker today than it was yesterday so fingers crossed it's positive within the next couple of days

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