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Got my hopes up...

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mumof1hants Tue 07-May-19 22:01:50

Sorry to hear about your loss. You're not being silly at all! It's so hard when you want something so bad. I've not been through a mc but my partner and I started trying for #2 last month. I had a best of spotting a week after ovulation and convinced myself I was pg too. I tried not to get too excited but deep down I was over the moon... it turned out to be my period a week early which NEVER happens.
I felt really upset which I know is rediculous when I've only been trying 1 month. If you need anyone to chat/vent/rant to, I'm here. I haven't told any friends or family we're trying so could do with people to talk to who are going through the same thing x

sophied1983 Tue 07-May-19 21:02:16

... we were away at the weekend in our special place. It's where we got engaged, it's where we found out we were expecting our daughter, it's where we conceived our second... but sadly we had a miscarriage a couple of months ago.

I usually have silly long cycles, but showed signs of ovulation a couple of weeks after period and had two strong positives on OPKs. The dates all lined up for either my period to arrive or a BFP whilst we were away.

Had some light bleeding on Thurs and had almost convinced myself it was implantation bleeding... for my AF to arrive properly on Friday. It put me in such a bad mood all weekend. I was snappy, tearful and it meant I didn't make the most of our time away as a three.

I feel like an idiot for even thinking it was a possibility. I mean, it's hardly as if one geographic area is the only place I can get pregnant or find out I'm pregnant!!!

Not really sure why I'm posting this, but it's not something I think many of my friends would get... particularly those who haven't experienced a miscarriage.

I'm silly aren't I?!

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